Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mel Gibson filming "Passion of the Christ, Part II"

The buzz in Hollywood is that Mel Gibson is busy filming "The Passion of the Christ" Part II, in which Jesus returns to Occupied Palestine and does some serious ass-kicking of the Pharisees, beating the holy crap out of that self-righteous bunch and tossing their sorry asses out of Palestine, for being corrupt, hedonistic heathens and worshippers of death and destruction.

The Pharisees and their brood land in Egypt's Sinai, where they embark on the real Exodus, running as fast as they can, trying to escape JC's wrath.

They steal a flotilla of boats and head for South America.

Since the Pharisees had to work the sails and tiller by themselves and not being used to physical labor, they wind up in Antarctica, where they "discover" ancient scrolls that said that Antarctica was actually their homeland, so they go about slaughtering all of the penguins for having the nerve of trying to live on land given to the hedonistic Pharisees by their god.

Centuries later, modern day explorers will find DNA traces of the Jewish religious nuts in Antarctica, but sadly, only found in the droppings of bird and walrus shit, as the Jews succumbed to the horrors of physical labor and not having enough gold around to melt down another golden calf.

When asked about the death threats he's been receiving, Gibson had no comment.

Some of Mel's die-hard fans get ready a warm welcome for Mr. Gibson!



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  2. And good morning to you too, Apollo.

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  5. a good laugh. Greg you might like this one

    The Story of Joseph the Jew…


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