Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Smoke Rising Over Gaza Reminds Me of the Holocaust™"

Holocaust™ News Service--"Bennie" Goldigger, a 55 yo Holocaust™ survivor living in New York, says that the pall of radioactive smoke rising over the Gaza Strip reminds him of the Auschwitz ovens.

Bennie, living in a New York high rise on 5th Avenue, thanks to several very generous Holocaust™ Reparations fund payouts, says he's having trouble sleeping at night since he saw the picture of what once had been Gaza City, now totally destroyed by a Israeli Air Force dropped nuclear device.

"Sure, the world is crying out that Israel committed the ultimate crime against humanity by dropping a nuclear bomb on those Palestinian squatters, but the world seems to have forgotten the most tragic event in the history of the world, no, the history of the entire universe, the Holocaust™. Who cares about some Arab dogs, living in squalor, when we still have several million Holocaust™ survivors living in a world of pain and hurt, all thanks to the Holocaust™?"

Bennie said the page 19 story in the New York Times about Israel dropping a 5 mega-ton nuclear device on Gaza City was more than enough coverage, that the Times should be running more front page stories like this one about the millions and millions of Holocaust™ survivors trying to get justice and large amounts of cash for their claims.

Abe Fartman of the ADL, echoed Bennie's claims, saying "The ADL has detected a pernicious rise in the amount of "anti-Semitic" incidents recorded around the world and this is not acceptable," said Fartman. He added, "The world should be focusing on the most tragic event in the history of the world, no, in the history of the entire universe, the Holocaust™ and not on the world's "most moral" army, the IDF, who showed restraint in dropping only a 5 mega-ton device over Gaza. The true victims are the millions and millions of Holocaust™ survivors like Mr. Goldigger, not a few hundred thousand Gazans that got incinerated."

Alan Dirtbagowitz, one of Israel's staunchest defenders, chimed in, saying, "Hamas forced the world's "most moral" army, the IDF, to drop a tiny nuke on Gaza City. That is where the real crime is at, a terrorist group like Hamas using Gaza civilians as a shield to protect them from the atomic blast."
"The world should be focusing on the most tragic event in the history of the world, no, in the history of the entire universe, the Holocaust™ and not a few measly subhuman Arab casualties," said Dirtbagowitz.

"The world has not suffered enough and needs to address that by paying more money to the millions of us Holocaust™ survivors barely getting by. I personally know of several dozen living on New York's 5th Avenue and in London's Notting Hill who are in dire need of cash quickly," said Mr. Goldigger.

Bennie added that although he had never been a prisoner at Auschwitz, since he was born in 1954, he had seen most of the 121 movies about the Holocaust™ to make him an official survivor, entitled to millions of dollars in reparations.

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