Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Survivor"-Crack Alley, Baltimore

Now in its 18th year, the hot CBS hit "Survivor" is set to debut on location where survival is only for the wealthy elite and those associated with the Federal Reserve, the former democratic republic known as the USA.

The 18th season of Survivor will feature 16 families whose homes were lost to foreclosure. Watch spellbound as they try to "outwit, outplay, outlast" each other in the wilds of Baltimore. (Note from Producers: Site casting for this "Survivor" location was the most difficult we've ever had, since there were hundreds and hundreds of prime choice urban "jungle" areas awash in the homeless and unemployed.)

Dubbed Survivor: Baltimore-"Crack Alley," the show will see contestants struggle in one of the series’ most rugged locations ever. It was reported that a crew member of the show was gunned down in a drive-by shooting before production on the new season began last September.

"[The contestants] will be left stranded in the majestic interior of Baltimore for 39 days - battling note collectors, IRS agents, and dangerous "urban outdoorsman", all in an effort to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another to ultimately win the title of being the Sole Survivor," and being awarded a real house to live in and not face another night sleeping with their family in the alley, Q-11 said in a statement.

Survivor: USA — Baltimore marks the first time that contestants under 20 were allowed to join. This the producers decided early on, was a necessity, due to most all of the families who have lost their homes having children. The producers felt the families had been thru enough, dealing with rapacious Wall Street bankers, chiseling mortgage brokers and a Congress which has turned a deaf ear to their plight.

Watch "Survivor" to see the "Mom" Tribe pitted against the "Dad" Tribe as they fight each other and 10,000 other unemployed applying for 400 jobs at a WalMart

See whole families break apart as Dad, despondent over not being able to support his family, turns to the bottle and Mom, desperate to earn some money for food, starts getting $20 a pop giving blowjobs to sailors on shore leave.

Look on aghast as whole families fight others for prime choice sleeping locations under bridges. Gasp as they drop their kids in Dempsey Dumpsters to scavenge for bits of food.

"Survivor" producers say this is possibly the most touching and gritty "Survivor" show they've ever produced and urge all Americans, or at least those who still have a home to live in, to tune in and watch "Survivor" Baltimore as they will most likely be in the same situation... soon.

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