Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Typical Day in Israel, thanks to US money

Lose your house to rapacious Wall Street banksters? Maybe you should move to Israel to one of these lavishly built West Bank settlement homes, paid for with YOUR tax money.

What's that, your not a Jew?

Then forget it. Israel only welcomes Jews as immigrants. They don't want any of us GOY. Think some of the millions of American families that have lost their homes to Wall Street greed would like to have a swanky home like this to live in? Hell, they'd be glad to have a home, period.

Are you one of the "Chosen Ones" occupying Palestine and envious of some Palestinian's property? No problem, just send in some Hasidic militia types and they'll give a warm welcome to the Arab family.

Like Father, like Son, so goes the old saying. Here, little "Moshe" gets up close and personal with some Palestinian kid. After all, if Daddy uses Palestinian kids heads for target practice, why can't little "Moshe?"

"Remeber, little Aron and Bennie, when dealing with Palestinians, who have the Chutzpah to live on land given to us by our god, always aim for the head or chest! If they run inside their home, first toss in a grenade, then machine gun any survivors who try and escape."



How does Israel get away with ethnic cleansing, mass murder and untold number of war crimes committed against Palestinians? A picture says a 1,000 words, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Seen this??

anarchore said...

Hi greg, any idea what happened to

Greg Bacon said...

It's having problems, what kind and why is unknown, but check on this blog by QRS to find out the latest.

the other site is down.

(you can see it, but there's a whole bunch of errors and I for one can't log in)

for the time being, any urgent news can be posted here.

email me at for posting privileges.


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