Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What happened to those 8,000 Internet "Hate" sites listed by the Wiesenthal Center?

Remember the blaring headlines last Fall when the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SW) trumpeted the release of finding over 8,000 Disturbing Hate Sites on the Internet? Here's part of the story

Group Reveals More Than 8,000 Disturbing Hate Sites On The Internet October 20, 2008 Staff

The Internet can be a lawless wild west, filled with as much evil as good. And there aren't many ways to combat the former as this spider of hatred spins its sticky poison across the web.

That's one of the chilling conclusions in a Simon Wiesenthal Center report on hate sites on the net, identifying at least 8,000 known postings or web addresses spreading hatred or intolerance, a frightening 30 per cent increase over last year.

Neo-Nazi groups, known terror organizations, white supremacist followers, the Ku Klux Klan and more were all cited as having created pages - and many of them are not on some fringe sites that only members have access to or would know about.

Went to the SW Center today to do some research on those sites and couldn't find that CD that the SW Center was trumpeting back in October.

I searched the site using various terms, like Hate sites on the Internet, 8,000 Hate Sites on the Internet, CD that shows hate sites, hell, even tried "How to Behead," which is listed in the SW Center article below.

My results were ZIP, NADA, NOTHING. I know my 'Net skills are lacking, but why couldn't I find a link to that CD the SW Center was crowing about last Fall?

Could it be the CD contained many errors and some of those Internet "terror" sites were bogus ones, manufactured by Zionists to scare the hell out of gullible Americans and was finally removed from circulation?

The "iReport" as it's known, also contains a disturbing CD highlighting some of the more outrageous examples. "How To Behead" reads one article, which purportedly tells extremists how to commit the terrible act. Another odiously proclaims that multiculturalism is the "rape and murder of the white race."

The CD is being sent to every Member of Parliament and provincial justice minister as an example of what's going on over the Internet. It was also handed out at a special ceremony held at the Center's Yonge St. headquarters Monday, where Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair and his York Region counterpart Armand La Barge were honoured for their work enforcing hate laws and initiating officer sensitivity training.

Hells Bells, even the original link to the "IReport" no longer works.

Try searching yourself for this SW Cd by typing in "Group Reveals More Than 8,000 Disturbing Hate Sites On The Internet" into Google and you'll get 5,660 links, some of those not even related to the original story.... as in "she paid 8,000 pounds for a handbag."

WTF?? 5,660 links for a purported 8,000 Internet Hate Sites? What the hell is going on here?

Looks like another Israeli/Zionist speciality, a "false-flag." Except this false-flag didn't take down the WTC, just corrupted some minds.

And spread fear, mistrust and terror into the gullible in Zionism's never ending quest to keep Americans fighting wars for Israel.

Like the one in Iraq.

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