Thursday, April 16, 2009

"The American taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's ovens"

A Teabagger in Chicago!

Now this is "Change" we can all believe in!!


"Oy Vey, you must be "anti-Semitic!!!"

Found at Common Dreams

"Can I at least hear some music when I'm getting marched into an IRS cooking appliance?"

"Where's my TAXOCAUST Reparations money?

More, from good ol' Chicago!

CNN Reporter gets an earful at Chicago Tea Party

Better be careful there, Susan, voters are pissed off about taxes, the Fed and really tired seeing their kids get killed in the ME, dying in wars for Israel.

WE the People are removing those "Star of David" shaped blinders and pulling those "Made in Israel" earplugs outta our skulls.


  1. Your flagging from blogger means that you are touching some nerves.

    Free speech...what's that?

  2. I wonder whose nerves that could be?

    I could post a porn blog with all sorts of juicy pics or worse and probably never be touched.

    But speak out against the looting of America by the Tribe and lookout...

  3. "touching some nerves"

    Give me a break IDIOT, this is fun, where can I laugh and write all the bullshit that comes to my mind about the most hated people on earth PIG NAZI REDENECKS.

  4. Hey, anon, here's some reading material for your fevered brain!!

    The Bible makes it clear, in both the Hebrew Tanakh (which is what Christians call the “Old Testament”) and in the New Testament, that in the “end times” there will be people ruling in Jerusalem and people living in Jerusalem who will CALL THEMSELVES “Jews”, and who will no doubt BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE JEWS, but who will NOT be Jews as far as the God of the Bible is concerned.9 I know your works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. [Revelation 2:8-9]And again:

    8 I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name.

    9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. [Revelation 3:7-9]

  5. Bacon (cut of meat taken from the sides, belly, or back of a pig, JUST A PERFECT NAME FOR A REDNECK NAZI P I G )

    PIG - If you quote from the Hebrew Tanakh, WRITE IT IN HEBREW IDIOT, as we do not accpet any Pig Redneck Nazi translation to any of OUR HOLLY BOOK.
    As for the New Testament, what the fuck is the New Testament, a bullshit written for you Pagans, in order to control you.
    Idiot, you see for me the New Testament is SHIT and you have aproblem bicause OUR HOLLY HEBREW TANAKH is hollt for you too.

    You see thats what makes you crazy rednecks, that you are NOTHING just NOTHING with out our OUR HOLLY HEBREW TANAKH while your New Testament is SHIT, you hear SHIT.
    OUR HOLLY HEBREW TANAKH is inly for us JEWS and you redneck Nazi pigs pagans keep away from it with your fucked up translations to Pagan wordings.

  6. mhm, yah-huh...

    Except the BABYLONIAN SATANISTS now calling themselves "Jews" didn't write the fucking Tanakh, the REAL Jews who lived in JUDAH did, and then their tradition produced JESUS, the greatest hero in history, who totally defeated and humiliated the BABYLONIAN SATANIST fake-ass "Jews" using nothing but IDEAS, so therefore the BABYLONIAN SATANIST fake-ass "Jews" actually murderously despise all things truly Jewish (i.e. Judean), including the Tanakh. That's why they've totally omitted EIGHTY FUCKING PERCENT of it from their #1 suck-Satan's-dick book, the Talmud.

  7. See, even before Jesus, the REAL Jews of the Tanakh, like Jeremiah and Ezekiel, quite often ABSOLUTELY CONDEMNED the Satan worship being promoted in Judah even then by BABYLONIAN SATANIST fake-ass "Jews," a.k.a. "Pharisees," the self same Satan's-cum-swallowers who later wrote the Talmud devil-book. This is why these inhuman subhuman vermin CENSORED most of the Tanakh in the vain hope of deleting it from history altogether— an absolutely CLASSIC example of their attitude toward all media and public discourse: "you will see and think that which we tell you to see and think, you got that slave?"

  8. Finally, The Revelation was almost definitely originally written in Greek, but what does an asshole fake-"Jew" devil-worshipper know about the Bible, anyway?

    a REAL Judean Jew:
    "YHWH is my shepherd, I shall not want..."

    A devil-worshipping fake-ass modern "Jew":
    "So Himey, you got that baby's dick sucked yet? Get a move on! We still gotta bomb some Palestinian orphanages with white phosphorus, rob a couple national economies blind, and... oh, right over there is a little old goy lady we can push under a bus."

  9. Hey Greg, did you notice how the vicious CNN bitch in this video is totally begging to get beaten to death? It seems like the MSM psy ops on both sides of this tea bag thing have suddenly entered a whole new realm of vicious.

    I've been apprehensive for about a year that the Jews' real agenda with Obama is engineering a race war, to divide and conquer this country more totally than ever. And now here come the smug MSM elitist asswipes, in unison, deliberately using this situation to make white-bread Americans feel even more alienated and angry than they already were. Deliberately provoking them, basically. So I'm thinking, this is it. This is the beginning of the Real Trouble. The big totalitarian clamp-down. The plan all along with this black fuck was to engineer domestic upheaval to rival that of the mid-1960s, which would give Messiah Obomba "no choice" but to launch unprecedented government repression. And right here we're witnessing the soulless media whores launch the provocation ops.

    Jesus F. Christ, when are Americans going to wake up and just ban mass media from their lives totally? It's POISON. They've already been driven insane by it. Now it looks like they're going to be driven to suicide. This is history repeating. The Jews have used media to drive people nuts just like this in every country they've raped (Netherlands, 1588; England, 1688; France, 1789; Russia, 1917).

  10. Bacon - P I G

    My family never ever left Israel asshole so you can bullshit what ever you want.
    The Tanach belogs to me, whilr your shit New Testament is bullshit crapt we wrote to dominate you Pagans.
    Now you cannnot say Shit Tanach and thats what drive you pigs crazy, because without the Tanach there is NO CHRISTIANITY at all even not the shit we wrote, as what are your stupid story foundation.

    Thats lots of fun to see how you assholes strugle for you stupid belief, better continue been Pagans like you fathers in the woods of europe that ran nacked after pigs and give back the land you stole from the indians and get back to your caves in the woods of Europe NAZI PIGS

  11. Yeah, that CNN reporter, ROESGEN, was a real pain in the ass, attacking a father holding a BABY.

    That bordered on being a terrorist incident, but what else can one expect from the Zionist controlled MSM?


    Anon, why don't you go shoot some Palestinian kids in the head or kidnap, rape and murder a teenage Bedouin girl, both which seem to be fav activities of the Chosen Ones in Occupied Palestine?

    I'm sure you'll feel much better afterwards, since maniacs like you enjoy those kind of depravities.

  12. I bet your redneck pig hazi pervert sexual stories, makes you horny and then you go and fuck your daughters and granddaughters.......

    Write more, as the more you fuck your daughters, the better is the chance that your next generayion is going to be more fucked up they you

  13. A psychotic Jew cockroach wrote:
    "My family never ever left Israel asshole so you can bullshit what ever you want."
    Yah-huh, that "sounds good," as they say, but since you're a Jew, I don't believe you. Nar-ne-nar.

    "The Tanach belogs to me"
    No it doesn't. You disowned it. The people calling themselves "Jews" nowadays actually follow a Babylonian Satanic tradition that Gnostically distorts the Torah to fit its pre-existing criminally insane ethnic-mafia code and purposes. This is what Michael Hoffman exposes. The bunch of you scum have totally repudiated and discarded the other 80 percent of the Tanakh, much of which specifically condemns Satanic trash like you. See Jeremiah 11 and Ezekiel 8 & 9. Admit it, Jew: you don't even own a copy of the Tanakh, because YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT. The "sacred text" you CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL cherish is that suck-Satan's-dick book, the Talmud.

    If you TRULY cherished the Tanakh, you would be a CHRISTIAN. All the REAL Jews who remained faithful to it followed Jesus and thus BECAME CHRISTIANS 2000 years ago, because Jesus was that generation's great hero and champion of that tradition.

    "your shit New Testament is bullshit crapt we wrote to dominate you Pagans."
    Naw, bullshit. Nice try. If Babylonian fake-ass "Jews" with the satanic brain deformity had written the NT, it certainly would be a voodoo hex for ultimate enslavement, but instead it's a WHITE MAGIC incantation that totally destroys your power. That's why you HATE IT.

    "without the Tanach there is NO CHRISTIANITY at all"
    Wrong again, Jew. Without JESUS there is no Christianity. You know, that guy you murderous psychotic scum have despised ever since because he TOTALLY DEFEATED YOU, the one you try to make us forget ever existed? Yeah, that one.

    "give back the land you stole from the indians"
    As I've said to you before, Jew, if you don't like the way Indians and Blacks are being treated, why did you fuck both of them so ruthlessly by satanically manipulating everybody into the world as we know it today? "Social criticism" by Jew satanic vermin is the most hideous hypocrisy there is. It's like the way you assholes completely introduced "capitalism" to Europe, beginning in Holland around 1600 ("Adam Smith," my ass) and then came up with "Communism" 250 years later TO ALSO CAPTURE AND ENSLAVE THE HUMANE REACTION TO CAPITALISM! This is how inhumanly criminally insane you filth truly are.

    Here's the bottom line, Jew: I don't need your "permission" to understand any given thing. FUCK YOU. My mind is MINE, and this totally drives you NUTS. You know why, Jew? Because you're a psychotic totalitarian slave-master, just like those degenerates on thrones back in ancient Babylon and Chaldea— your TRUE ancestors.

  14. Anonymous

    You think that if you bullshit with LOTS OF STUPID WORDS you will change the truth.
    See how defensive you are Nazi.

    So pack your shit in a bag, give back the land you stole and start walking east, when you get to the water start swiming PIG

    Swiming pigs, mmmm great food for sharks.

    Thats your future Nazi

  15. Satanic "Jew" said:
    "You think that if you bullshit with LOTS OF STUPID WORDS you will change the truth."

    No, satanic Jew, now you're PROJECTING. What you describe is what YOU do. It's okay, though, I recognize your condition: the congenital satanic deformity of your Jew brain means you literally can not imagine what it's like to be honest. There there, it's all right, I forgive you (pat, pat on the head)

    Anyway, what I did was STATE the truth, not try to "manufacture" it the way Jews do, cuz see I know (unlike you) that only Babylonian "Jew" lunatics suffer from the satanic psychotic delusion that it's even POSSIBLE to "manufacture" truth. Truth just IS. It is either perceived sanely or ignored insanely. There is no "manufacture."

    You got that, Jew?

  16. Who are these lameass retarded troll flamebait sacks of shit flooding your comments? Grow some balls anonymous agitator douchebags.

  17. Not sure who Anon is, but I got a hunch he/she's not in Israel, but in Brooklyn, NY, teaching at one of those Jewish paramilitary academies that teaches hatred of us GOY.

    A place of insanity called a Yeshiva school.

  18. JR Ewing said...

    "Who are these lameass retarded troll flamebait sacks of shit flooding your comments? Grow some balls anonymous agitator douchebags"

    Why? So that you / your Jew Masters will know who I am more easily? You mean to tell me "JR Ewing" is YOUR real name? I smell a Jew or a Jew's pet rat posing as a human.

  19. Unload train.........sort human(?) refuse into 3 lines
    pre-heat oven to 1250c then sit back and relax knowing you're doing Gods work.

    4....disregard first 3 steps as any sane person knows they are utter bullshit meant to deceive my fellow brainless goy.
    Only the fucked up Jew could come up with that filth!



    You got that, NAZI?

  21. Hitler burned? Oh, you mean in HELL, don't you?

    Naw, I'm pretty sure Saint Hitler went to heaven for his selfless good works ridding the world of so many dirty kikes.

  22. Hey Anon

    Between Devil Hitler those works, was instructing his Nazi German soldiers to kill thousands of Hero American Patriot Soldiers.
    I hope Patriot Americans read who is your god NAZI.
    Hey Bacon - PIG, you traitor admire Hitler "good work" in killing those Hero American Patriot soldiers.

    You should burn with your Saint in hell too.


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