Wednesday, April 8, 2009

British Goon Squads Beat a Man to Death

This is your reward for being too close to a peaceful demonstration. Welcome to "democracy" in the 21st Century!

The official police report circulated throughout the media agencies in London suggest Mr Tomlinson died of a sudden heart attack. However, in the last few an increasing number of witnesses have come forward claiming the police played a much more significant role in Ian's death than was initially thought.

"Democracy" that American and British Imperialists are spreading to Afghanistan, with rifle butts, machine gun fire and Apache helicopter gunship strikes.

Not to be outdone by our British cousins, the Army of Occupation in Afghanistan is starting to realize that entering homes and beating the crap out of Afghani's or shooting them up or blowing them to hell isn't going over too well in Afghanistan.

REALLY? And it only took 7.5 years and the death of several hundred thousand Afghani civilians to come to this epiphany? Amazing!!
Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, admits to the group that it took the military "too long to recognize the damage we've done with house searches and bombings" and promises that he will consider new ways to limit such harm for the civilian population.

Changing from beating Afghani's to death with rifle butts to trying to brainwash them with Human Terrain teams isn't going to work.

It's simple, actually. Just get US troops the fuck out of Afghanistan. And stop blowing up Afghan's and Paks with Hellfire missiles, fired from Predator drones, using the CIA manufactured "al Qaeda" as an excuse to kill with impunity.

If you want to go after the real 9/11 perps, check out that nation of violent sadists, racists and bigots AKA "that shitty little country" that is constantly at war with its neighbors, looting Wall Street and spies on the USA around the clock, figuring how to pull off the next 9/11.

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