Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Foundations of Jewish Nazism


Whether it's our corrupt Congress, slavishly bowing to Israeli war mongers, sending them tons of money and thousands of tons of weapons just weeks before the brutal Zionist invasion of Gaza or Israeli's attacking and murdering Americans, on the USS Liberty and in the WTC or American kids, coming home from the ME in caskets killed fighting wars for Israel.
Or the latest "al Qaeda" recording, found first on the Internet by MOSSAD front SITE or IntelCenter that is used by the MSM to scare Americans into sacrificing more of our sons and daughters on the altar of Zionism.

We're all GAZANS now

Just like Israel has been destroying Gaza with their most recent blood-soaked rampage, their brothers-in arms on Wall Street are destroying America.

It won't be bombs or bullets or White Phosphorous or some phony ass "al Qaeda" that destroys the USA, but Wall Street and the Federal Reserve by members of that world-wide terrorist group, AKA as the Tribe.

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