Saturday, April 11, 2009

It’s Time you Paid your Taxes for Israel.

Unemployed? Losing your House? Living in a FEMA trailer in New Orleans?

Your needs have to wait because Israel needs more money. Think of all the bullets and bombs it used to kill people in Gaza. 1,300 dead, 5,000 wounded, the whole one and half million population in shock and mental trauma after three weeks of bombings, starvation and fear. That kind of damage doesn’t come cheap.

America, you give the Israeli government billions of dollars a year, plus loan guarantees, plus the most up to date weapons, and total support at the United Nations. Last year you increased military aid to Israel to $30 billion over 10 years. It’s not enough, ever.

Don't worry about losing that job to NAFTA or your home to Wall Street Con Artists, after all, what are you, "anti-Semitic?"

Get a 2nd job or if you already have a 2nd job, get a 3rd job. After all, that nation of liars, racists, bigots, land thieves and war mongers, Israel needs your money much more than you do, so hop to it, GOY!

You don't want to be branded as being "anti-Semitic," do you? Keep giving me that look and I'll sic Alan Dershowitz on your sorry ass, you "anti-Semite" you!!!


  1. Israel can kiss my goy ass. I'm happy to say I haven't given that murderous bitch one penny in 20 years!

  2. I wish I could say that, but the money extorted out of my income by the feds winds up in Khazaria, but it's not my idea.

    Guess it's time to stop paying income taxes and see where that lands me.

  3. I love parody blogs like this one.

  4. Same here, Greg. But...the tide is turning.

    The boycott is working - people are waking up to the fact that there is an active, treasonous fifth column in our government, working to negate our efforts to be represented by our "elected" officials.

    Let's start by getting the word out on the Symington Agreement, and start taking care of America.

  5. Let's start by getting the word out on the Symington Agreement, and start taking care of America.

    I agree. It's time to cut off those monthly welfare checks to Israel and use that money to take care of Americans, especially the vets lying in some VA hospital, suffering wounds they received fighting wars for Israel.

  6. Start collecting money and fast and if you are unemployed, sell your cows, as your next war with Iran is going to be bloody expensive.


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