Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Jewish Defense League Blast--literally--from the past

Militant JDL Members Arrested by FBI December 12 2001
The chairman of the Jewish Defense League and a follower were arrested after allegedly plotting to blow up a Culver City mosque and the office of Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., federal authorities said today.

Irv Rubin, 56, and a member of the militant group, Earl Krugel, 59, both of Los Angeles, were arrested late Tuesday after the last component of the bomb-- explosive powder-- was delivered to Krugel's home, U.S. Attorney John S. Gordon said.
Other bomb components and weapons were seized during a raid at Krugel's home.

They were booked for conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive, which carries a maximum five year sentence, and possession of a destructive device related to a crime of violence, which carries a 30-year mandatory sentence.

A government source told authorities about a series of meetings at which the scheme to bomb the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City and Issa's office was hammered out, Gordon said.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. The original story, once featured in the LA Times, is no longer available at the LA Times?
Guess when Samuel Zell bought the LA Times, he went on a truth scrubbing mission.

In 1985 Alex Odeh, the local chairman of the pro-Palestinian American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) was killed by a bomb while opening the door to his Santa Ana, California office. Rubin was suspected, and further antagonized his opponents by saying that "Odeh got what he deserved." However, the JDL has insisted the attack was committed by others. The FBI was unable to prove its original allegations against the JDL, given that the original suspects in the case fled to Israel.

Fled to the Mother Ship, Israel, the haven for many a con artist, thief and murderer. No matter your crime, as long as it's against us GOY, Israel will welcome you with open arms.

What's happened to our little Trotskyite bomb throwers? Rubin is dead, after a suicide attempt in which he slit his throat, then jumped over a railing... or jumped over a railing, then slit his throat. Same for Krugel, who was killed inside an Arizona prison.

You might remember the JDL as the home of that nasty American "jihadist" Adam Gadahn, whose real name is Adam PEARLMAN. Adam's grandaddy is Carl Pearlman , who was one of the head "capos" in the JDL.

What's Adam up to these days? When he's not being killed in one of those Predator drone strikes, he's probably on the beach in Tel Aviv, enjoying the good life, doing some of that Israeli manufactured ECSTASY

Not to be outdone, another radical element, the Jewish run Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in 1993, was caught was caught illegally spying on nearly 10,000 Americans, "including members of socialist, labor and anti-apartheid groups."

"The number one goal of the ADL is the protection of Israel," a former Republican congressman from San Mateo Pete McCloskey told SF Weekly in a recent interview.

A goal which radical groups like the ADL and the JDL will stop at nothing to accomplish..... Just ask the WTC 9/11 survivors.


  1. Not much factual info in your article. Adam Gadhan was of Jewish descent but was raised as a Baptist I beleive before converting to Islam. Everyone is a Mossad agent, right? The Arabs dont' murder Jews like the 13 year-old killed by an ax-wielding Arab last week who also
    wounded a 7 year-old boy. Jealous of the Jews? As for McCloskey, he's a known Jew-hater all his political career and has blamed "the Jews" for his loss of his congressional seat years ago. Not a reliable source for anything.

  2. Not much factual information about that phantom Palestinian wielding an ax that the Jew was left holding..I thought that story was hysterical in it's obvious stupidity....but it got the Jews to go on a rampage to hurt and kill Palestinians..
    What more can you ask's what Jews do!!



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