Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neocon Secrets Revealed, from JFK to 9/11

BBC reporter Cloud Morris takes us on a tour of the ultra-secret GOP headquarters left behind by the Bush administration. From JFK to 9/11, every room offers new clues to what REALLY happened in the Bush Administration...... and beyond.

Courtesy of our friends at Liberty News.


  1. "Cap Matifou" made an extremely important point on an earlier page:
    "the many legged octopus is dragged into the open for everyone to see its real face. may sound crazy, but its first and most abused victims were in fact the jews. they are used as camouflage to operate behind, like the tiger operates behind the tall grass."

    This may be the most important thing of all to understand, because categorically hating Jews blinds us to the crucial fact that many of them are NOT psychopathic abominations, they're actually our most valuable potential partners. They're just so blinded by mistaken solidarity with the Babylonian Satanists using them this way that they aren't solving the riddle any better than anyone else. So we have to SHOW them!

    I would also point out to Cap Matifou that good-hearted Jews are as savvy as anyone to the way criminally insane Jews have co-opted Washington and are waging an all-out war against American goyim, and they denounce it just as harshly as any of us. Alfred Lilienthal is one such lovable example. The number of Jews doing such things is vanishingly tiny, however. All Jews who refuse to comprehend this is what's going on and to denounce it are therefore CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT. Any Jew who wants me to believe he's actually human and moral had better damn start actively exposing these bastards, versus doing "limited hang-outs" like Bermas and Jones. Clever fallback positions are not going to cut it. Good Jews need to be the vanguard of the "Evil Jews really did 9-11, here's proof" movement. It's really fucking simple: Morality Calls. There is only one MORAL position available here, and REAL Jews like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Jesus will answer this call.

  2. I just love black and white movies, but were is bat man.
    with no jews in the movie, its so boring......

  3. Hey Anonymous 10:32 --

    Is true. Said all that before myself. Till I thought it through.

    IF these Good Jews are aware of what their brethren in power are doing, their silence is damning.

    Complicity like this would be unacceptable if, say in the heyday of the Mafia and Cosa Nostra, American Catholics had shielded these criminals from justice, allowed them to leave the country with stolen loot and get a Free Pass at Vatican City, and even got them elected/appointed to high positions where they could continue Mafioso tactics as "public servants".

    IF any of that had happened America would have thrown every Catholic out of the country and good riddance too.

    So. The Good Jews either denounce and repudiate the Bad Jews, publicly and without reservation, or they're just as evil and culpable. Exactly as hypothetical Catholics shielding the Maf would have been.

    Yes, Good Jews are valuable POTENTIAL parters. Why assume this potential will do non-Jews any good when it never has before?

  4. Thanks Frank

    Believe me, I understand how you feel. On the other hand, this olive branch has to be extended. If it leads to nothing, as it always has, so be it. Then no one can say we denied them this opportunity to prove they're humans instead of psychopathic monsters.

  5. On second thought...

    No Frank, this right here
    "Why assume this potential will do non-Jews any good when it never has before?"
    is just as wrong as it can possibly be. It's wrong IN ADDITION to being incorrect.

    I mentioned Alfred Lilienthal. You should look him up, especially his book "The Zionist Connection," a damning exposé of U.S. media complicity in covering up for Israel. There's also Victor Ostrovsky, Israel Shahak, Naeim Giladi, Mordecai Vanunu, Benjamin Freedman... I can think of more. Can you? All of these JEWS have RISKED THEIR LIVES by speaking out against the criminal insanity of The Tribe. They were tarred as "self-hating Jews" of course. They knew they would be. This did not stop them.

    We have to extend to all of them the opportunity to redeem themselves, and then if they do WE HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. If we don't, then you know what? Their "blind hate" isn't really blind after all. We have now TOTALLY JUSTIFIED IT, by eliminating any incentive they could possibly have for thinking of us in any human way. If we're determined to believe they're evil NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO, they had better be evil. They'd be stupid not to be.

    They have proven that Evil is an incredibly powerful magic. What I am telling you is that Goodness and Love are also incredibly powerful magics, and this is the amazing wisdom of the Christian Way. Our wickedness and malice toward them can not soften theirs toward us. It can only harden it. Believing evil could defeat evil was Hitler's stupid mistake. He forsook the amazing transcendent sanity of Jesus, the only political philosophy that has EVER prevailed over the Babylonians. This is why he failed. He was a lousy historian.

    Truly, there is only one magic that can heal the world rather than destroy it.

  6. Anonymous 7:25 --

    I think I fumbled my analogy but I still say I'm right.

    The Catholics vis-a-vis the Mafia is true, as I'm sure you know, I just fiddled with it a bit.

    In the 20s and 30s in America, and to a less extent later, Italian Catholic mobsters WERE deported from the USA. Often they were tried, found guilty and shipped out by OTHER Italian Americans, presumably also Catholic (re: Joe Vallachi).

    These were not EXCEPTIONAL Italian Americans. These were not UNUSUAL Catholics, breaking with their own for America. The vast majority of law abiding Catholics and Italians in America were only too happy to repudiate and be rid of these criminals, whether co-ethnic or co-religionist.

    And this is what all of us as citizens should expect. This is ground floor citizenship.

    Yes I know of and honor the Jewish voices in the wilderness. The fact that they ARE voices in the wilderness is my point -- and the problem.

    Shouldn't we be able to expect the majority of ANY group to do the same as Italian American Catholics did when faced with FAR LESS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR than what we know Jews are accountable for?

    I say yes. And majority repudiation by Jews of their criminal overclass has just plain never happened.

  7. "And majority repudiation by Jews of their criminal overclass has just plain never happened."

    Actually, that's not true. You're ignoring the most miraculous event in world history. Christianity originated with a huge percentage of Judeans and other Semitic Levantines rejecting Semitic racial ethnomania in favor of the Christian ethic, which was really an evolution of Mosaic Judaism. These Judean Christians dispersed westward and dissolved into Europe, forgetting where they were from because they WEREN'T BIGOTS.

    The problem is, "Jews" doesn't relate to this historical (and good) meaning any more. It designates pure Semitic ethnomaniacs who, when they follow a religion at all, tend to follow a Babylonian faith of pure hate that actually predates biblical Judaism (black magic, or Kabbalah). If a Jew rejects this identity, he ceases to be a "Jew" and therefore your thinking doesn't even acknowledge that such people exist. You don't know it, but what you really have is a neat system worked out that TRAPS JEWS IN THEIR HATE.

    What I am trying to point out is that we have to allow them an escape route from their hate. If we don't, then we become full partners to it, and therefore just as wicked as them. This is not sappy bleeding heart stuff; this is simply INTELLIGENT STRATEGY. What many Christians don't comprehend about Jesus is that he wasn't just virtuous, he was also a world-class strategist. This is why he BEAT THEM.

  8. Got interrupted.

    Now you're upping your ante to:
    "...majority repudiation by Jews of their criminal overclass has just plain never happened."
    Now it has to be a "majority." Look, if you set the pole vault bar at 50 feet, OF COURSE they're never going to meet your requirements. Don't you see what a trap this is for both of us?

    It's not even germane. We're talking about different things. What I have been trying to refine is that we have to allow INDIVIDUAL JEWS an escape route from their culture of hatred, not trap them there. Individual Jews have and do attempt escape, and when they do we have to notice and we have to welcome them and let bygones be bygones. Otherwise they're hopelessly trapped by a dynamic of mutual hate that's a death trap for EVERYBODY.

  9. Anonymous 5:22 --

    RIGHT, "We're talking about different things."

    I live on the border of Ground Zero, the most desperately poor section in the Rustbelt. You know, formerly the most productive ground on Earth, now a living hellhole. How it got that way and how it relates to god's chosen I leave for you to sort out.

    Raise the bar? By a million miles and up you-know-who's arse if I could, yes.

    But... yes, "We're talking about different things."

    You're a missionary and I'm a citizen and I demand the same rules for everyone. Catholics, Jews, whatever.

    As long as Jews insist on playing by seperate rules, no olive branch, handful of dissenters or not.

    But I'll end my portion of this duet by wishing you the best of luck. If you are right and I wrong, fine with me.

  10. I'm from the rustbelt, too, rural western upstate New York, which has been getting strangled economically ever since the 1920s, when the Rothschild money power really took hold in the U.S. after WWII. I consider this an economic war to destroy the society that fought a revolution to tear itself free from these scum in the first place, especially the rural family-farming soul of America. That's the demographic they really set out to destroy first and most completely. The REAL America of the schoolbooks was a nation of fiercely self-sufficient farmers. The well-known Great Depression of 1929-1941 was preceded by an equally malicious agricultural depression that has NEVER ended. This story is told in Eustace Mullins' great classic "Secrets of the Federal Reserve."

    So yeah, I too blame the "Jewish" monsters for torturing my homeland and my people, and I am totally out to turn the tables on them.

    But sinking into determined hatred over it just isn't going to work, Frank. Jesus was RIGHT. They've been doing HATE ten times longer than anybody; they're the Grand Masters of it, so much so they WANT you to blindly hate them because hatred is their "native land." They know this "terrain" WAY better than you. You're stumbling around in it like a blind man. They positively know that making you hate them is how they can totally prevail over you. This is the nature of BLACK MAGIC, i.e. the religion of Satan. This is how it really works. Playing right into their hands is NOT going to get you what you want.

  11. Comon Anon, don't tell Bacon Pig all our secrets, as he will start loving us Jews.
    and thats going to be bad.........
    But them , you know only hate, so nothing can help you

  12. Oh, hatred IS the only sane reaction to truly satanic "Jews." No humane gesture will ever make make any difference with these walking devils.

    The thing is, not all Jews are like that. Many are just dupes, hated and exploited just as ruthlessly as goyim. The just don't know it.

  13. Anon

    You are not Goyim and you are not American for us Israelis either.

  14. Good afternoon anonymous people. This is Cloud Morris - the "BBC reporter" from the video on this page.

    I can't speak for Liberty News TV, but I am utterly baffled by why this video appeals to this particular audience (assuming these posts are representative of said audience). THERE IS NOTHING ANTI-SEMITIC IN THIS VIDEO, AND IF THERE HAD BEEN, I WOULDN'T HAVE PARTICIPATED IN IT.

    I continue to marvel that people hold onto the absurd notion that there is a cabal of jews that run the world. If there is such a cabal, and their power is so awesome, wouldn't jews be gleefully flaunting this power? This is what most powerful people do. Furthermore, wouldn't jews be waxing this power over a larger portion of the globe than the tiny state of Israel?

    While most of the lies perpetrated by the Roman Catholic church during the middle ages, including the flat earth centric universe, and "witches" being the cause of male impotence, only elicit laughter in the 21st century, the demonization of jews, has managed to survive.

    When organizations and people that actually ARE in power feel that their power is threatened, they usually turn to scapegoating, and with European jews in the middle ages practicing a different religion, and living largely outside the feudal system (many of them, independent tradespeople in towns) the church presumably determined that they represented some vague threat to its authority, and thus decided that jews must be targeted.

    Yes, I'm aware that there were jews in moneylending, and the church may have even depended on them. Jews got into moneylending in the renaissance/early modern period because they were barred from access to most professions and trades in most european lands.

    While an organized and ruthless society might have persecuted them out of business, Europe was merely ruthless; a divided and backwards place at the time. Persons outside of the feudal economy were able to avoid certain types of external control, so some jews managed to avoid personal persecution, and prosper. Imagine that.

    The participation of a few jews in moneylending didn't spare them the Spanish Inquisition, forced migrations, imprisonment, pogroms, and eventually the holocaust, because the misguided hatred and scapegoating lived on, just as it appears to live on this page.

    Jews paid dearly and unjustly for their "otherness" in Europe, and for having something that the people with the power wanted, just as blacks and native Americans paid dearly and unjustly for similar reasons in the United States.

    People in power, mostly white "Christian" people (in quotes because most of them would re-crucify Christ and his ideals if given half a chance), and the fearful idiots who gave them that power, were and are responsible for these wrongs and for the ones satirized in this video.

    The people in power are clearly visible, and are not hiding behind trickery and artifice. They don't need to. We elected our monsters in 2000 and 2004 (we'll, we "almost" elected them). That's not to say that white "christians" have a monopoly on disgusting behavior, they've just had a lot of opportunity. Other groups are capable of revolting inhumanity as well, and this has been, and continues to be, shown.

    Black helicopters, masonic symbols, captured aliens and trilateral commission meetings will not and should not get us off the hook. Standing by and doing nothing, while placing the blame on shadow organizations (or by scapegoating "others" which is worse), sounds like a way to avoid doing the hard moral work of determining one’s place in a system of exploitation and terror, and doing something about it.


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