Saturday, April 4, 2009

OMG!!! It's another MALLOCAUST!!!

New York--More bad news for the economy surfaced today, as it was announced that hundreds and hundreds of USA shopping malls would close in 2009, the result of an economy heading into the dumpster.

It's another MALLOCAUST and this time, at least six million customers will stop shopping at Banana Republic, Zale's and Starbucks and other trendy mall outlets, due to a pinched wallet.

Contacted for comment on this MALLOCAUST, the corpulent Abe Fartman, head of the ADL --Another Damn Lie--interrupted his 18 course meal to say "This is another blatant form of "anti-Shoppism" and we in the Jewish community won't tolerate more barbs directed at the kind, loving, generous and peace loving Jews of Israel," said Abe, before diving back into a huge pork roast.

Another victim of the MALLOCAUST, closed due to "anti-Shoppism"


After being given a script by the Lobby, the Obama administration leaped into action, sending VP Joe "I'm a Zionist" Biden into action. The Veep stated that "Americans need to rally around our good friends in the mass consumerism business so that the world will never see another MALLOCAUST!"

This MALLOCAUST has even spread into Canada, with the Canadian Jewish Congress offering free yarmulkes to anyone wishing to show solidarity with the MALLOCAUST by donating large sums of money for shopper reparations.

At the time of this press release, it could not be confirmed that several hundred mall shoppers, on a ship bound for New York to do some serious shopping and see their rhinoplasty surgeons, were turned back by the US Coast Guard.


  1. "Mallocaust" That's a good one. I'll use it in any conversation relating to the closing of any of the crap cathedrals.

    an aside...
    Mike Rivero just reported on his radio show that the ADL and SPLC was behind the Missouri MIAC docs.
    Just as we thought might be the case.

  2. The ADL was a prime candidate.

    I'm working on my Sunshine Law request, but I have to run it thru several drafts before I submit it.

    People tell me I tend to get abrasive, but I look at it as just cutting thru the BS and getting an anwser.

    But that approach probably won't work with some SHP bureaucrat, so I'll have to sweeten my questions.

  3. Check this out if you haven't seen it.

    Friend Says Pittsburgh Gunman Opposed "Zionist Control Over Our Government"

  4. Friend Says Pittsburgh Gunman Opposed "Zionist Control Over Our Government"

    The shooter's name was Richard POPLAWSKI?

    Another one of the Tribe getting in touch with his inner terrorist?


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