Saturday, April 18, 2009

Which one is the Boss and which one is taking orders?

Any question about who is really calling the shots in the Obama administration?


"I pledge allegiance, to the racists, of the Apartheid State of Israel. And to the bigotry for which the Star of David stands"

With OBOMBA packing his administration with Zionists, Israeli-Firsters, MOSSAD agents and Clinton retreads, it looks to be a long four years for Americans... and an even longer and bloodier four years for Palestine.


  1. Aw hey, it's not nice to show Obama getting his orders from Massa Rahm all up close and personal like that. When this picture was taken, I just happen to have had a shotgun mike aimed right at Massa's mouth, and I caught every word:

    "Okay, Sambo, listen up, I just got your orders from Mossad in Tel Aviv: after you hand us the trillions in "bail-out" money, you need to think up some fucking lame excuse for nuking Iran. I don't give a shit what the excuse is; that is YOUR problem, Alfalfa. Just DO IT. And quit giving me your uppity lip. Your brains will make a nice pink fog just like Kennedy's did. We're already running low on Iraqi babies for ritual murder and blood-letting; the Gush Emunim lunati— uh, members haven't been able to have the kind of "sex" they like in months. So hop to it, Midnight."

  2. Sounds about right. Obama will wind up being more dangerous and causing more damge than Bush, since he's got so many people fooled with his charismatic style.

  3. Well you forgot one more thing

    Hey Obama, there is a place in the Ozarks, that stinks of PIG shit that makes this earth smell like hell.
    Blow up this god dam DAM and lets see this place covered with water.

    Ever seen redneck nazi pigs swim
    Oink Oink blew blew......
    NO MORE PIGS.............

  4. Greg wrote:
    "Obama will wind up being more dangerous and causing more damge than Bush, since he's got so many people fooled with his charismatic style."

    Yes, EXACTLY. Goddamit, why can't more people figure this out? Oh yeah: cuz they're greedy corrupt cowardly assholes, and/or they're IN ON IT.

    As for his "charisma," this actually deconstructs in a very interesting way. During the campaign, I was awed by his apparent ability to deliver brilliant speeches extemporaneously. Then later I discovered this was actually an illusion created by television technology, because the camera crews and producers never let you see all the fucking TELEPROMPTERS this fake fuck always uses. In other words, he's having all his "brilliant lines" FED TO HIM by hooknose hookworms off-stage. Of course. All he's really doing is ACTING, except he doesn't even have to remember the lines.

    This makes Obama a veritable clone of Martin Luther King, Jr., another Jewish tool who also appeared "brilliant"— as long as everyone keeps assuming he actually wrote those beautiful speeches. Except he didn't. A goddam career Communist JEW named Stanley Levison did. King only READ them in this ponderous lawdy-lawdy preacher style— something ANY literate person could learn to do.

    King was an absolute puppet of Jews bent on demolishing white Christian cultural dominance in the United States. He was cultivated as such alongside Rosa Parks at a Jewish-run Communist training camp in Tennessee, the Highlander School.

    In the late '60s, King probably got a "big head" and started to believe he could take things truly in his own direction, for example by adding poor disenfranchised whites to his coalition. This was when the Jews gave him a cardiectomy with a rhino gun and pinned it on another "lone nut," a putative "white supremacist" of course. They had previously whacked Malcolm X, who really was brilliant, and also way too "loose cannon" for them. Obama uncannily resembles Malcolm X, too, of course.

    All the people captivated by Obama, black and white alike, are actually mindless soulless morons mesmerized by the cheapest, oldest tricks in the book.

  5. "Ever seen redneck nazi pigs swim"

    Rush...ran outta Oxycontin and lady-boys again?

  6. Hanover

    Chuta pulla muta kusha guta
    and your scalp is off.


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