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Why America Believes in the Holocaust™? It's the LAW.

Why America Believes in the Holocaust. Episode #9 from Denierbud’s Buchenwald..

Episode #9 from Denierbud's Buchenwald series. All the rest of his videos are located here

And America will keep on believing Zionist fairy tales about the Holocaust™, since that is now mandated curriculum in most schools. Paid for with OUR tax dollars.

Warping minds at an early age to secure a never-ending supply of Holocaust™ automatons who will, upon hearing the code word Holocaust™, start to cry and offer up money and lives to the racists, bigots, war mongers and liars of Apartheid Israel.

Don't believe me, go to the link below to see a listing, state by state, of the mandated Holocaust™ brainwashing being taught to our children.
Beyond Our Walls: State Profiles on Holocaust Education

These profiles contain text of state legislation about the teaching of the Holocaust, and Holocaust-explicit History/Social Studies and English/Language Arts state content standards. Also provided is contact information for state departments of education.

Laws that mandate that the Zionist Holocaust™ shall be taught to our kids, like this law in my home state, Missouri.
Notice how they go for the jugular, by saying this toxic sludge shall be poured into young, gullible minds, like the children in elementary school?

Check the laws in your state to find laws so similar to this one, that they appear to be written verbatim.
Section 161-700 Holocaust education

161.700. 1. This section shall be known as the "Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission Act".

2. There is hereby created a permanent state commission known as the "Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission". The commission shall be housed in the department of elementary and secondary education and shall promote implementation of holocaust education and awareness programs in Missouri in order to encourage understanding of the holocaust and discourage bigotry.

5. The term "holocaust" shall be defined as the period from 1933 through 1945 when six million Jews and millions of others were murdered in Nazi concentration camps as part of a structured, state-sanctioned program of genocide.

And more laws, stating that any loot blackmailed from Germany, Switzerland and others that is handed to Holocaust™ survivors is NOT TAXABLE. Must be nice.

Wonder what classes schools have been forced to drop from their curriculum to teach these Grimm Zionist Fairy Tales?



  1. There's no business like SHOAH business!

    Adolph Hitler was guilty of attempting to end usury in cannot prove anything else.

    This is probably why (at the time, uncompromised) TIME Magazine had named him Person Of The Year.

  2. While I am no fan of Hitler (who was the puppet of the Warburgs and the Rothschilds,) the fact remains: the Shoah is the new American culture. Soon it will be the basis of education, entertainment, and religion.

  3. Soon it will be the basis of education, entertainment, and religion.

    Soon? Hollywood has made over 120 movies about the Holocaust™ and Holocaust™ museums are scattered all over the USA.

    With this state mandated Holocaust™ teaching of the very young, they'll grow up to be even more enslaved than their parents.

  4. Tennessee has had a holocaust education law since 1996. It is so similar to the one in Missouri that it could have been written by the same group and most likely was.

    There's even a documentary "Paper Clips' filmed at a TN school that has been shown all over the country.
    No need to watch it. You know the routine.

  5. You rednecks don't go to school DONYA, so what the fuck do you care

  6. Jeez, I think Holocaust™ "really" happened & here is the magic oven
    (all 6 million of 'em shoved into this oven)

  7. You rednecks don't go to school DONYA, so what the fuck do you care

    Yes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, isn't it Anon?

    Why, people might start investigating and ask why we're still told over and over that 6 million jews died in the Holocaust™ when we know that the 4 million number that supposedly died at Auschwitz got knocked down to 2.5 million and then, late last year, that number got dropped to around 1 million, including gypsies and others.

    So tell me Anon, when you subtract 3 million from 6 million, what number is left?

    How many other LIES have we been told about the
    Holocaust™, besides phony books and the lies about human skin being used for lampshades?

    Didn't see that DNA thing coming, did you?

    And please explain how there were 100,000 Holocaust™ survivors at the end of WWII and now there are 350,000?

    Hell, that's a feat of magic even David Copperfield couldn't pull off!!!

  8. Redneck

    1+1 = 5

    Since when you know numbers, you should eat cow shit and fuck your daughters.


  9. Leo Frank...our brains HAVE been "fucked up", as you so delicately put it, by the absolute falsehood that has been foisted upon Americans as the Holocau$t, as the Khazars who masquerade as “jews” wantonly murder Palestinians, crush little girls like Rachel Corrie with Caterpillar bulldozers, shoot people like Tom Hurndall in the face with a rocket, and terrorize the elderly like John Dejamjuk and Ernst Zundel.

    Once again…Hitler was only guilty of ending usury in Germany. You cannot prove anything else.

    How many Russians died in WWII? Over twenty million…yet, one doesn’t see funding for a Russian Holocaust museum.

    And I didn’t forget.

    How many Japanese died in WWII? Over forty-five million…yet, one doesn’t see funding for a Japanese Holocaust museum.

    And I didn’t forget.

    How many Germans died in WWII? Uncounted millions…yet, one doesn’t see funding for a German Holocaust museum.

    And I won’t forget.

    Mark Weber seems to have been a control agent, sent in to control IHR, then to derail its efforts, or was compromised in some fashion. I certainly hope that Michael Santomauro is made of sterner stuff.

    The title is right on point…and after reading John’s information, I can now proudly say this:

    The Holocau$t is a goddamn lie, a complete hoax, and every penny of monies paid should be returned, with interest. $114 billion paid to Israel by our “representatives” must be repaid.

    Tear down every Holocau$t museum in existence; they are an affront to every German murdered by the bombing in Dresden and other locations.

    Elie Wiesel should be tarred and feathered.

    Misha Defonseca/Monique DeWael should be thrown in a pit with wolves…let’s see how she does as an adult.

    Herman Rosenblat should be mandated to reciting Mein Kampf in Times Square on a megaphone.

    The “goyim” are coming to trample you bastards under our hooves.

    Dig it, suckers.

  10. Actually, considering the financial SCUMBAGGERY that has occurred, I'm fairly certain that Americans have been ass-to-mouth raped by the J[ews]I[sraelis]Z[ionists] by TRILLIONS.

    The John referred to in the previous posting has some knockout material:

    Anon...there may be some mushrooms growing in them thar cow patties. You should try one.

    You'll find that they're far superior to your stupid pharmaceuticals.

  11. shoot people like Tom Hurndall in the face with a rocket

    And Tristan Anderson, who might be lucky to be alive but with diminshed brain function.

  12. Hey Hanover

    Nazi why want you do something for your Monster Nazi friend Demjanjuk and escort him to Germany and then lets see you open your mouth.

    You will join all your gang and stink like a rat.

    But no you are a mother fucker Nazi coward like all of you and you will sit in your stinking chair and fuck your daughter.

    Do something with your life and go with Demjanjuk and burb in hell with Hitler

  13. Wow! Thanks for the offer, pal...but since it's springtime, can I do a time-share in the winter...when it gets really cold, I'd love to "burb in hell".

    My gf was also surprised to find that I'm a Nazi. I think it made her wet.

  14. Dear Friend,

    Sample Chapters and Contents for New Book:

    DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton, PhD

    Publisher's Note: This is a non-Revisionist title for Theses & Dissertations Press. It will be the first book on the Holocaust, in publishing history, that will not take a Traditionalist or a Revisionist point of view.

    Founded in 2000 the publishing company Theses & Dissertations Press is at the center of a worldwide network of scholars and activists who are working -- often at great personal sacrifice -- to separate historical fact from propaganda fiction. The founder of Theses & Dissertations Press is Germar Rudolf. Who is currently serving prison time for his published works and will be released on July 4, 2009. He will no longer be associated with Holocaust studies upon his release.

    As the new director of, I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical examination. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize an examination and understanding of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses.


    Michael Santomauro
    Editorial Director
    Call: 917-974-6367


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