Friday, May 8, 2009

AIPAC brags about successful extortion of OUR Congress

AIPAC Treason Fest ™ 2009 a resounding success!!!

From shaking down our Congress for a couple extra billion to brainwashing our kids, all the way from grade school to college, there's one constant in all of this nefarious activity... AIPAC.

Policy Conference Closes with Record Lobbying Day

AIPAC Policy Conference 2009 came to a momentous close Tuesday, with thousands of delegates trekking to Capitol Hill for some 515 lobbying meetings with their members of Congress. Following rousing speeches by Vice President Joe Biden and Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, delegates urged their elected officials to enhance President Obama's diplomatic outreach to Iran with heightened sanctions, reaffirm crucial principles as the United States pursues Arab-Israeli peace and support $2.775 billion in security assistance to Israel. Click here to see highlights. More...

Making our Senators and Congress men and women jump around like trained circus monkey's is what AIPAC excels at.

Just ask Senator John Kerry (Likud Party) representing the 51st state, Israel.

"When a government pursuing nuclear capability asks its people to imagine a world without Israel, we must take that threat seriously."

Yes, John Boy, let's reaffirm those Israeli "peace" principles:

The only peace Israel wants is: a “piece” of Jordan; a “piece” of Syria; a “piece” of Lebanon; a “piece” of Egypt; a “piece” of Iraq; a “piece” of Saudi Arabia; a "piece" of Turkey and whatever “pieces” are left after Israel finishes it’s genocidal extermination of the Palestinians.

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