Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Billion or so for Israel

Losing your home to Wall Street gangsters and wonder if the federal government is going to help? Forget it, they're too busy shoveling money to Israel, at least another billion or so, as shown in H.R. 2346. Parts of this act are written so vaguely, that one has to wonder who is really going to receive this money.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Only 84% of our Vichy Congress voted for this welfare money to Israel. Either that, or that 16% is not going to run again for re-election in 2010.

Maybe the money's to help Israel get ready for that war with Iran, which Israel wants badly. Think they're desperate enough to attack the US in another false-flag?

The "mother" of all false-flags, 9/11 certainly worked to Israel's advantage as it got Americans fighting a never ending series of wars against "existential" enemies of Israel. One more and....

By the time it's all over for OBOMBA, he'll make Bush look calm by comparison. He's playing the "good cop" to Israel's "bad cop," but they both want the same thing; Iran looking like the destroyed Iraq.

"I don't think it's my place to determine for the Israelis what their security needs are," Obama has said, but he has no problems with determining what Iran's security needs are, and they better be subservient to Israel or else mushroom clouds will start popping up over Tehran.

Here's what Israel wants and what Israel wants, at least from our Congress and WH, Israel usually gets.

Would you buy a used car from this man?


Leading Israeli rabbi Ovadia Yosef (Shas party) called for the annihilation of Arabs in April 2001, not long before 9/11. "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable," he was quoted as saying in a sermon delivered on Monday to mark the Jewish festival of Passover.


  1. Glad to see you back, Greg.

    If you haven't discovered it already, there is a major Jewish-perpetrated genocide of the 20th century that almost nobody knows about, that you may wish to share with your readers. It took place in the Ukraine in the early 1930s. The Jewish "Bolsheviks," "CHEKAs," NKVD, etc. confiscated the harvests and thus starved to death between five and 12 million ethnic Ukrainian peasants, mainly to retaliate for Ukrainian "anti-Semitism" of previous decades and centuries.

    Of course, as we both know, "anti-Semitism" is nothing but KNOWING WHAT JEWS ARE REALLY LIKE and doing something decisive about it. For shame!

    This is the best exposé:

    Kevin McDonald also reveals Jewish revenge and sadism as the real motives behind Holodomor in Culture of Critique

    One reason the heebs bawl and blubber so loudly about WWII is because this distracts people from the MUCH BIGGER horrors they perpetrated all over the USSR before and during that war.

    Incredibly, Holodomor is just one episode of the Ukraine's agony under Jewish tyranny, which dragged on for three decades, beginning with the 1917 "Bolshevik" revolution. Pre-soviet Ukrainian culture was essentially ERASED by this campaign.

    After Holodomor, the Jew commies targeted Ukraine's Orthodox church for liquidation, murdering many clergymen, often in the telltale manner of "myths" describing Jewish ritual torture and murder of Christians down through the centuries

    Americans of European-Christian heritage need to understand that if they stay tranced out in front of their teevees and thus let the kikes consolidate the kind of power they ALWAYS want, this sort of nightmare will undoubtedly unfold HERE.

  2. I am promote genocide tours.
    If you know of more, please let me know, as there are many who love to share.
    I heard about another one done in the Andies, damn they genocide the fish there.

  3. Sure thing, kike. Here, try this one:
    by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    This is an important new historian who has written several books exposing the psychotic exploits of the kike menace to world scrutiny

    Another one:

    You're welcome, kike. Always glad to help out!


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