Saturday, May 9, 2009

Censoring the Truth... Thanks, Youtube!

Wake Up to the Real Deal

From Incog Man via Kenny's Sideshow.

Watch now before it gets yanked again, due to "content" violations. Someone wants to bury the TRUTH just like they buried women and children in Gaza with their bombs, shells and Hellfire missiles.

Wonder who that is?


  1. Wow, the history in this was amazing, spot on.

    But frankly the "United White Race" message is for the fuckin birds. Uh, Hitler tried that one once, ma-rember? It didn't work, and it's NOT GOING TO WORK, because it's a stupid, morally bankrupt self-defeating FALSEHOOD. What needs to unite is ALL GOOD PEOPLE. Anyone who picks his team to oppose these scum based on race or nationality is AN ASSHOLE who will FAIL because he's an asshole. Christians had this completely figured out 2,000 years ago and then kicked the "Jews" ass, and THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO EVER DID. That is not lawdy bible-freak bullshit, that is HISTORY. The "Jews" have steadily incrementally gained ground against every other foe. They eventually defeated Christianity, too, but it took 1800 years, and even this only happened because "Christianity" itself had degenerated into corrupt decadent brain-scrambled stupidness, which is all "churches" are now. I don't mean churchianity. I mean the original, amazing, world-shaking revolutionary TRUTH of Christianity.

    The "Jews" really are occultists, you know, black magicians. They will keep running circles around you as long as you keep thinking magic is "a myth," while they know it's ABSOLUTELY REAL, the most powerful force in the world. The only way they can possibly be beaten is by formulae of magic opposite their own— the magic of GOODNESS. That's what REAL Christianity really is.

    The clips of US troops "tragically" getting blown away in Iraq fell flat for related reasons. Here's a real good look at "our brave boys."
    See, if you recruited these white boyz into your "White Power" movement just cuz they happen to be "white," you'd be FUCKED, because these fucking soulless Jew-stooges right here need to DIE, so there goes all the GOOD people right there, off to the other side to kill them. Nice work.

  2. I guess since the ownership of YouTube has changed for the worse, the first letter of this "service" should be changed from a Y to a J.

  3. Yeah, that way it'll match up with "the Jewnited States of Jewmerica"

    Hey Hanover, didjew know that's the Jewnited Kingdom over there?


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