Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Come one, Come all to the AIPAC Traitors Ball!!!"

Conference of Traitors

1. Goys and girls pay attention. There’s just one day left until the event of the summer takes place and it is an ever so special event marking the legalization of spying on the United States on behalf of Israel. Get your tickets now and cash in.

Yes! AIPAC is Sellebrating May Day at its annual Traitors Conference that opens this Sunday under the theme of “Selling Out America is Fun for the Whole Tribe!”.

This year there will be even more booths and workshops than ever before. You’ll be able to buy classified documents about Iran, China, Egypt, US military technology and the sexual piccadillos of your perverted congressmen (they’ve got some great photos too). Plus, if you pay an extra $1,000 dollars, you can attend the workshop that will reveal whether or not Barrack Hussein Obama is a natural born citizen. Be one of the few to really know and then you too can blackmail the hell out of the White House. Rahm Emmanuel will be leading that oh so special workshop. Unfortunately, the workshop won’t be held on Air Force One while it flies around Manhattan just a few feet away from tall buildings. The test drive for that one didn’t work out as planned. But hell, we’ve got a great room at the hotel and the booze is on the taxpayer!

Register now before it’s too late. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store.

The Happy Hooker: Mossad Jane Harman on How She got to be the 2nd Richest Member of Congress That 500 MILLION you acquired didn't come cheap, did it, Jane.

Mossad Jane (right) and Israeli Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik in Israel.

(Psst, hey Jane, you're getting too much sun on your face. Instead of lying on your back, try kneeling for awhile. Your MOSSAD handlers will appreciate either position!)

We hear at Mantiq al-Tayr that Nancy Pelosi may be joining this discussion, taking the place of Deborah Jeanne Palfrey. That’s just a rumor, of course.

Sino-Semitic Relations: How to Sell US Technology to China

This profitable seminar will be run by Jonathan Pollard... Let's not forget Pollard's other achievments in helping Israel, like all of those nuclear launch codes that Pollard stole for Israel that were given to our #1 enemy at the time, the USSR!!!

“The Iran Portfolio at the CIA – for Sale”

Join Larry Frankly, Steve Rosen, Keith Weissman and “Judge” T.S. Ellis as they auction off material gathered at great personal risk by CIA assets working in the most dangerous places on earth. Really cool stuff. They will even autograph the documents for you.

Now the workshop below is a personal favorite of mine. Hope to see you there.



This one will be run by Brig. Gen. Michael HerZOG Chief of Staff, Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The people below will not be in attendance.


Neither will this person be attending Treason Fest™ 2009, for obvious reasons.

Remember, US Senators and Reps, if you choose to actually represent your constituents and NOT attend the AIPAC Traitors Ball, you'll be targeted for elimination in the 2010 elections.

That's not a threat, but a promise!


  1. OMG you are brilliant. I have not laughed so hard in awhile. "Is that a constitution in your pocket or are you glad to see me?" Oh I have a few pix of Emmanuel in full ballet gear, just waiting for the right time to use them.

    You are downright cruel. Well done.

    Regarding your comment on the Pope. It seems to me that the Pharisees or money changers ARE the ancestors of those guys on wall street. Not joking. Jesus was the first anti zionist.

    Have you watched The Empire of the City (The Ring of Power)? It will make all of this clear to you. I watched it once last year. Just reposted it on my site and am watching it a second time.

    With all the new knowledge I have acquired on biblical matters since then, it is like a new movie and solidifies A LOT of stuff that I thought I was off in the deep end about. You will be amazed by what you see and connect in new ways. And yes, as a lifelong student of Egypt, it ALL FITS IN.

    You learn just how close to the ancient Egyptians Queen Elizabeth is into the bargain. And see how it is that Bush truly IS descended from Rhamses. Not that the movie says this, but the connection is easy to make. That part I had remembered.

    It is about a 5 hour movie but I offer it in 2 parts so they are bite sized. To be honest, I think the data in even 1/3 of a half would overwhelm some. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I cannot recommend it highly enough to people serious about such wisdom.

    Today I am going to listen to Finklestien on the Holocaust Industry.

    BTW you know about the Chabad Lubovitch, do you not? And their Noahyde Laws that are now a part of the American (and I assume Canadian) Constitution? They make Sharia Law look like kindergarten. Not a joke.THAT part is rather scary. Read Revelations and it all fits them to the nth degree.

    When I clean out my current lot of projects, they are next on my list. I have photos of every modern politician ever in power kissing their misshapen hairy little butts or lighting a menorah with them. Even got the Pope there doing it too. They have 39000+ SINagogues around the world. This is the group behind the protocols and its implementation ~ from behind the scenes I am guessing.

    As for the pope. Well. I am sure he would go to Gaza if he were offered opportunity to spend time with some of those beautiful dark eyed Palestinian/Canaanite boy children ~ teaching them the true ways to worship His Dark Satanic self.

    And what I know about him is.. the church and the Jews were serious contenders for world domination. For many centuries, but the Jews have millennium more experience and the Jesuits fell back, then of course the Vatican as well. So he has joined with them instead of losing out. They all use the same banker too, the current Vizier of the queen, a Rothschild.

    Do you know what the Empire of the Cities is? Watch the movie and it will tell you. This is fact, not story ... but Washington, London and the Vatican are the three cities involved.

    There is your book for now!.. smiles.. and nice to meet you btw. I am adding your blog to my list so I remember to visit regularly for my morning chuckles. If you keep such a list, please add mine?


  2. Have you watched The Empire of the City (The Ring of Power)? It will make all of this clear to you.-------

    No, and if it's only available online, I probably won't anytime soon, since I only have a phone modem and that doesn't work too well with viewing movies.

    As for the ancient connections, I have no doubt an inner circle of Shitheads have been handing down their tricks of the trade for centuries.

    Especially the Bush Crime Family. Grandaddy helped Hitler come to power and his daddy gorged himself on WWI war profiteering.

    I imagine if you went back far enough, you'd find a Bushus Romanus working as a Praetorian Guard on a lonely hill 2,000 years ago and got his kicks by sticking his spear into the sides of those crucified.

    As for the Chabad houses, they seem to be a front for Israeli drug running and other murderous activity, like the attacks on Mumbia last year.

    There are Chabad houses in Peru, Boliva and Columbia, to help gather up and convert that cocaine paste, and others in SW Asia, AKA The Golden Triangle, where they process opium into heroin.

    And a couple in Hong Kong, to help with laundering money.

    Yes, those Chabad types are busy little bastards.

  3. "...the Pharisees or money changers ARE the ancestors of those guys on wall street. Not joking. Jesus was the first anti zionist."

    Yes, Barbara, thank you! "anti-Semitism," i.e. the age-old struggle against the inbred criminal insanity of the ancient Semitic high civilizations, is what Christianity was always really about! It was comprehending this a year ago that made me suddenly appreciate the timeless relevance, power, and truth of the Christian message, which I had scoffed at for most of my life. This is what it's really about; it's a moral sanity they can not fool. This is why they hate it and have plotted to corrupt it and poison it ever since Jesus' time. This "anti-Semitic" Truth and awareness is the crucial essence Christians have lost and must recover.

  4. Phil Weiss is a self-described anti-Zionist and is covering the AIPAC conference right now...

    Philip Weiss on the Neoconservative agenda:

    "In terms of their politics, they were almost all Democrats and then as soon as the Democratic party suggested that it wasn't going to have a strong military, Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol, the grandfathers of this movement, they went Republican. Why? Because they said, back in the 70's, a strong American military is needed to protect Israel."

    Download an mp3 of Phil saying the above here (9:45 minutes in) - 07/12/ - 03/18/2009Watch the BBC documentary "The War Party", part 1 of 5Read Phil's blog on the Neocons, AIPAC, Israel/Palestine @


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