Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I am a Terrorist!"

Iraq Veteran Speaks His Mind About the MIAC Report and DHS Smears of Veterans and Third Party Supporters as "Terrorists"

Below is a video from yet another Iraq War veteran sounding off with outrage at coming home after serving his country, only to be characterized as a potential terrorist simply because he is a supporter of Ron Paul (smeared in the MIAC Report) and simply because he is a veteran (smeared by the DHS report on "rightwing extremism").

He is plenty ticked, and once again we have to warn you that this video contains some strong language, but it is also well said, and rather humorous - enjoy.

As this veteran points out, the intent of such government "reports" is to chill speach and association - make people afraid to speak out and associate with those of like mind - and to demonize nearly anyone who dares to support the Constitution, dares to support the concepts of liberty, dares to support third party candidates, or dares to own guns - or dares to be a veteran.

Let's see.... I'm a vet, having served with the Army's 82nd Airborne. I'm a BIG fan of Ron Paul. And I've watched Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" several times and thought it was fantastic.

And I don't think, but know that a foreign entity has taken over our government. Does that make me a "terrorist?"


  1. Damn straight, bro!

    A fifth column has bought and sold our elected officials, but they'll feel the burn as America begins to take care of its own.

    Fuck off to your shitty little stolen state...I hear that Iran successfully tested a long-range missile.

    You bitch-ass cowards should pack up and get the hell out of PALESTINE before every REAL SEMITE gets their balls in a dander and decide to give you idiots what's coming to you - a real beating.

  2. Fuckin right on brother!

    Goddam, this is good to see! This is how I've been feeling ever since that Bush piece of weasel-shit wormed his way into the White House in 2000.

    The word "terrorist" is just as meaningless as "anti-Semite" anymore. Both words just mean "somebody Jews don't like."

  3. The real terrorists are the ones who plotted, financied and help carry out 9/11.

    And it wasn't some ailing and feeble Muslim, dying from renal failure and living in a cave 12,000 miles away.

    No, the real 9/11 terrorists are closer, much much closer to home.

  4. Wow!

    Now Obomba too can his own share of "evil muslim terrorists" to saturate the airwave, who were planning to blow up the mohel business opps synagags in NYC!

  5. I am wide awake to the Zionist Jew Criminal Network...but only for the past 3-4 months. What about this guy in the video? Does he know about the Jews? I very much doubt it!

  6. Yeah, I bet you're right. Sad, isn't it? Until and unless people like this realize just how vast the world's Jewish Problem truly is, they're just fuckin gerbils running around in wheels, accomplishing nothing

  7. Damn all this clip is useless, as we cannot relate it to the Jews.


  8. Oh, my ass "we can't relate it to Jews," Jew asshole.

    This sap is an IRAQ vet, remember? All of the fucking with Iraq America has done for the past 20 years has been at the bidding of JEW ASSHOLES like you, remember Jew asshole? I would give my left nut to get all Iraq war vets like this guy to know this. Man, he thinks he's pissed NOW...

  9. Anon

    Impotent, get on a plane and go to Iraq and do what you bullshit here left nut............

  10. Oh, I don't have to go to Iraq, Jew trash. They're comin back home and WAKING UP to what the fuck is really going on, all on their own. Bettah start runnin, slimey himey. What PLANET are you going to run to this time?


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