Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama to visit German Slave Labor Camps

Ask the average American how many Jews died in WWII and they'll shout out "six million" like a well trained parrot repeating lines taught him by his owner.

Ask that same person how many US troops died fighting in WWII and they'll get a blank look on their face.

Holocaust™ brainwashing of the USA, all to support that nation of thieves, racists, false-flag experts, bigots, liars, war mongers and mass murderers, Israel.
BERLIN (AFP) – US President Barack Obama will visit the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany on a trip to Europe in June, following in the wartime tracks of his great uncle, press reports said Wednesday.

Wonder if Obama will visit those West Bank land thieves criminal operations that are being shielded and protected by the IOF and Israeli police?

It's looking to be a good year for Zionists and their pet project, Apartheid Israel. Between the Pope getting on bended knee to the "Tel Aviv Terror Masters" when he visits this month, to AIPAC being given a green light to spy on America to Obama visiting slave labor camps, where he's bound to get all weepy, the Chosenites must be in a state of ecstasy.

Officers can't wear uniforms, carry guns or chase criminals on main roads that enter Israeli-controlled zones, making it easy for car thieves and drug dealers to escape, police said. Outlaws are also known to seek refuge in villages close to Israeli military installations or Jewish settlements, knowing Palestinians police won't be allowed in to arrest them.

"Lawbreakers know they can flee to places where there are settlers and we will not be allowed to go after them," said police spokesman Adnan Damiri.

Yes, police and investigators can't enter the criminal sanctuary known as Israel, not even to investigate 9/11.

Picture of a typical alley in Hebron. The West Bank Hasidic Land Thieves stole the upper floors of buildings from where they drop "items" on Palestinians, all the while the IOF looks on, never intervening unless some Hasidic gets a scratch from his belligerent ways, then it's time for the IOF to rush in and arrest some Palestinians and toss them away in some torture site.

Items like rocks and chunks of concrete, which the wire mesh the Palestinians put up sometimes stop, but not the bodily wastes of the Hasidics, like their urine and feces they scoop up and drop.

"Hey, OBOMBA, how about visiting Hebron and see in person a tragedy happening in REAL time? Will your MOSSAD Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, let you make your own itinerary?"

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