Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to Zionism

I write in the style of a critic
For that they call me anti-Semitic.

Say goodbye to forms of escapism
That's been banned by Judeofascism

Hear the tank rumble and roar
You'll know the IDF is at your door

About the Holocaust™ don't rant and rail
Or they'll toss your sorry ass in jail

On your knees, kiss the boots of your Master
The Zionist clowns who have set off this disaster

Abandon all hope, when entering here
The ZOG has taken over this earthly sphere

Off to the camp, you worthless dope
We're going to turn your GOY ass into soap

We fine tune our lies to perfection
To give our cattle the slaves infection

Accept Zionist brutality
By adopting the NeoCon mentality

Paper money is our big friend
We print and print it w/o end

We're the Master Race, that's true
Get over living, your days are through

When they finally kick down your door
Just surrender to the Zionist Whore



    Did you write this? It is clever, but, no surrender. Ever.

    I had a lovely dream last night. I dreamt... Obama and Iran became pals. Everyone called the Israeli bluff and the US decided to use money to stop feeding the banks and the Zionist settlers etc.

    Everyone just decided to make Israel an ignored country left to its own interior rot. And so, the bully became a fourth world country full of cannibalizing Zionists in a country of sand.

    Ah mannnn how nice that was!

  2. Yes, I wrote it last year when someone accused me online of being "anti-Semitic."

    That term has been used so often that it no longer has any meaning, and is starting to look more like a Badge of Courage.

  3. Barbara

    I wonder how you didn't dream, that Greg Bacon is fucking your fat ass with his Pig Dick.

  4. ROFL. Actually Anonymous my dear love, I have heard that he is called, "The Whale" in his intimate circles. But you did not hear that from me, it is just a rumor!

    It is lovely how those who have not got a leg to stand on, let alone a third leg, denigrate to lewd insults. Gosh that verifies you are a Zionist, doesn't it!

    I am told that pig's personal parts are corkscrew in form. Is this true? You seem to be the expert on this topic.

    Cheers and tysm for the major laugh at your expense.

  5. Barbara

    I see where you dreams are taking you, you would like 10 Zionist to fuck you so that you will see "The Whale" ......

  6. Anon, sounds like you're "projecting" your fantasies onto others.

  7. Aw, this one's kinda likable, as hasbarah shlubs go. He doesn't have the full-blown Jew brain deformity, so he often actually says what he thinks instead of being a consummate manipulator. He tries hard to be a Jew POS, but all he can manage is transparent teenage antics. This is actually refreshing and encouraging! The Jew megalomaniacs coordinating internet gatekeeping and other hasbarah activities worldwide must be REALLY scraping the barrel-bottom. They don't even have the resources now to notice how bad he's botching it and pull him off the job.

    Hey Jew-boy, you should hang up the Jedi mind-master act — you DON'T got what it takes — and come join us in the sunlit world of sincerity. I think you'd be much happier. Your "fellow Jews" secretly think you're a dumb-ass and ostracize you, but we aren't so obsessed with "smart." We care more about GOOD.

  8. Anon,

    You have more than proven my theory that you are Zionist scum with your mindset. Methinks you only dream of such things yourself. My Palestinian mate is more than enough for three women but instead keeps me absolutely giddy with a surfeit of smiles.

    No boi could do that. Run along now and find someone else to smear.

    OMG... try this, Greg! Type christian and then type zionist. You will find that you do not get a note to capitalize "christian" but you will for "zionist". What's up with that?

    Hmmmm. Just another lil thing to keep in mind. What does this mean? OMG... scared here!

    Actually I am not, just time to turn the page on pig boi here and let him suck n ruck in the muck.


  9. It takes ten of you "chosen" to equal "the Whale"? wonder you bitch and kvetch about nothing constantly...I guess I'd whine too, if the best I could do was pull a gherkin outta my shorts.

  10. Here's a moment of triumph over a horde of scumbags - I got this phone call while working...24 minutes later, I''m LMMFFAO! Nobody beats the Main Man, fools!

    Here I present 24 minutes of stupidity -

  11. Barbara

    Looks like the pig redneck impotents here love this fantasy but can only wank wank oik oik, bitch and kvetch denigrate to lewd insults, alone a third leg denigrate to lewd insults, the bully Palestinian became a fourth world country Hey redneck pig boy, you should hang up the Jedi mind-master

  12. "rednecks," "crackers"... These are just non-white bigots' code words for "I fuckin hate white people."

    Well now you did it, bigot— whitey is going to RISE

  13. dear anon annie,

    Why don't you follow Ariel Shithead Sharon's footstep - I mean, go into veggie stage, this world wouldn't miss you.

  14. That last thing the boi said was totally incoherent and made no sense.

    But then, did it ever say anything that made sense?

    Ah on fourth read (having a slow day here) I think he is saying that ... oh man he really is backwards. Pity his mum n dad! No, don't, they raised him and deserve what they got.

    Laughing, correct me if I am wrong but, wasn't it that critter who jumped into the dirty talk the moment a female got involved with the line of convo? What's up with that?

    But hell, I am being unreasonable to expect sense from such a critter I suppose.

  15. Barabara

    U are even more stupid then your Palestinian fuck.
    I just cut and paste your Blinglish “redneck pig language” u use to communicate in your comments.
    you don't even understand your own shit words.........
    so get another fuck in the Ass from your Palestinian, maybe your mind will spill some oink oink that the rendnecsk pigs will understand.


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