Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Religion" in the Key of C


I never really understood religion
Except it seems a good excuse to kill
I never really could make a decision
I dont suppose I ever really will

I cant relate to any power structure
Where ego is the driving energy
I let mine go long, long time ago, now
When I decided that I would be free

Only thing I understand is living
The biggest sacrifice to make is death
Once youre dead, theres nothing left for giving
The life means fighting your every breath

Alvin Lee and 10 Years After

P.S. Be sure to take your favorite "sacrament" before listening to Alvin and the boys.


  1. I write this not to challenge Greg's choice – so be it – but to give others something to think about.

    Everybody worships something as "God," though many don't realize that's what they're really doing. Here are a few of the alternate "Gods" many people worship:

    "the amazing future utopia" (that exists only in a hash pipe)
    humans collectively

    The last one is easily the most prevalent choice among "atheists." It's the choice Jews really make too. That's no coincidence.

    Alvin Lee rejects religion as ego-driven, then sings us a hosannah about how "free" and "cool" he is, so I don't think he's "let go" of his ego at all. On the contrary, he seems to be choosing that last alternate "God," the customary deity of "atheists," which makes stanza two revolting double-talk.

    Christianity and many other beliefs are very much about revering something beyond yourself as greater than yourself, greater than all things human, even. It's this feeling that truly challenges ego.

    Alvin Lee repeats a stereotype that Jews actually constructed, that religion is just "an excuse to kill." First of all, everything about this suggests he's a smug pot-head who doesn't really understand ANYTHING about the history he's alluding to. I know the Alvin Lees of the world real good— I used to be one. If he has ever once in his life read through a serious historical treatise, I will eat my dusty sombrero. Second, wow isn't he just awesomely "hip" and "cool" again? Third, "atheism" isn't any better in this respect. Shit, if anything it's WORSE! I believe we recently concurred that "Communist" Jew ATHEISTS are the biggest pack of bug-eyed psychotic killers in history.

    Religion can be an excuse to kill, yes. It can also be a superb defense against people who are out to kill or enslave YOU; this is what Christianity's "aggression" turns into when you really understand the entire sweep of history, including the HIDDEN stuff you're never supposed to notice.

    Jews love it when their opponents fall for this kid stuff. It means you're rejecting the one weapon that has ever truly counteracted their own occult formulae. It means they've won, essentially.

    Speaking of the Satanist Jews and their black magic, one aspect of this that no one seems to catch is MUSIC. The Jews are easily more obsessed with music than anybody, and appreciate better than anyone music's power to evade critical thought and reach right into the deepest parts of the brain. This sort of thing is what "occult" really means. Ever notice how a song can get "stuck in your head?" Well Jews have noticed too, they have noticed THE SHIT out of it. They find this EXTREMELY interesting— and useful. THIS IS WHY JEWS TOTALLY DOMINATE THE MUSIC RECORDING INDUSTRY, and have totally determined the trajectory of popular music since long before our lifetimes. They've made this as high a priority as taking over any other mass medium. Why would they do this?

    I heard a Sonny & Cher song today in a store and was reminded how absolutely talentless and execrable they were. I think those two were a Jewish experiment in force-feeding the goyim utter nauseating non-talent and making them like it.

    I myself partake of ALL mass media with extreme caution, and always in small sips. Let it become "background" and that's when it really worms into your head.

  2. Hey Anon

    Make Love Not War

    Music is not for you

    Hate is your God

    So go on with YOUR bull

    You can't stop the music of life.


  3. The first anon makes some good points but many of us have caught on to the agenda of music in the jewish realm. Especially some of the degenerative music videos and lyrics of hate against traditional values.

    But sometimes music is just music and words are just a refection of one's thoughts at that particular time.

    Commercial music today is controlled but during the Alvin Lee Vietnam war era it was a lot easier to get words of conscience on the radio. Whether some lyrics were contrived and giving people what they wanted to hear is not an issue with me.

    Good music stands the test of time.

  4. The Song Religion and the whole album it came from "Rock and Roll Music to the World," is one kick ass blues explosion.

    I enjoy both the lyrics of Religion and the laid back bluesy style Alvin Lee presents it in.

    As for the first ANON, I've found more enlightment in that "hash pipe" he refers to than any religion he's espousing.
    If god is everything and everywhere, then doesn't one ingest god when toking up?

  5. "If god is everything and everywhere, then doesn't one ingest god when toking up?"

    No. Temporarily making yourself semi-insane "recreationally" by using any of the drugs the Jew drug-lords sell you doesn't get you closer to the Truth. Only the proper use of a completely unperturbed, sane mind does that. This is the second-biggest reason why the demon heebs popularized all that sordid jazz-scene shit and keep selling it to you. The international AND domestic pot-growing and -smuggling kingpins are all Jews too, you know. The DEA is for keeping the goy competition knocked down and the nig-nogs at the bottom of the food chain where they belong.

    "...during the Alvin Lee Vietnam war era it was a lot easier to get words of conscience on the radio."

    1) That's because the "Trotskyite" New York and LA Jews who control what music you get to hear didn't like the ANTI-COMMUNIST Vietnam War, even though their war-profiteer counterparts loved it, and they were also out to further divide-and-conquer this society by alienating young goyim en masse from their parents and traditions, through a romantic shallow "idealism," all of which succeeded brilliantly of course. I participated in the '60s/'70s scene and remember it fondly too, BTW, but unlike most boomers I've also come to understand it critically as the period when the Jews truly conquered us. Without that time, the shit we're facing now would not be possible. So a lot of that "idealism" was actually poisonous, and thus NOT an exception to the overall pattern of Jew media at all. Most boomers simply can not think straight about any of this. They're hopelessly brainwashed by their fond memories because for one thing they refuse to stop believing "it was all about ME." "All about ME" is what they really took away from all that. The '80s absolutely proved it. The present is proving it too.

    2) These are not "words of conscience." This is a direct corrosive attack on the beliefs of your ancestors, assuming you're European, and this should bother you more than it seems to. We're encouraged at every turn to believe they were "ignorant superstitious fools" compared to us, but this actually isn't true AT ALL. They actually had much better minds for things like poetry and symbolism. Modern people are retards this way. This is why they can't grasp religion any more. It's simply over their heads.

  6. Some of us have looked in retrospect at the '60s/early '70s and try and understand this bit of history. We see how there were manipulations. We fell for a lot of it, if not most of it.

    We did take a few good things from this time that our ancestors would have been proud of, but we have failed to overcome most of the negatives, that as you say, set the stage for where we are now.

    It's a work in progress and at times, music, past-present-and especially live can be a little therapy to help ground us.

  7. The international AND domestic pot-growing and -smuggling kingpins are all Jews too, you know--

    Uhh, I disagree with that.

    And if you haven't tried some Magic Mushrooms, please do before you come back and rant on Jews being being everywhere and behind everything.

    And listen to "Rock and Roll Music to the World" when you are talking to that White Rabbit.

    Ingesting peyote is and has been part of certain North American natives for thousands and thousands of years.

    Guess you're going to say the Jews were behind that also?

  8. Oh, I've done mushrooms, peyote, all of it.

    If you aren't doing it in a context of indian RELIGIOUS* ritual, though, don't pretend it's more than "recreation."

    *that word you don't like

    By the way, the main "native" center of the drug culture you're referring to is Mexico, i.e. the Aztec cultural sphere, and there is actually an astonishing case that the "meso-american civilizations" originated as Semitic colonies in Central America, circa the first millennium BC or earlier. The parallels are numerous and impossible to dismiss as "coincidence" when considered together. Based on details recorded by obscure Greek observers (Timaeus, Diodorus Siculus, Strabo), the Phoenicians must have been routinely sailing as far as Cornwall, England early on in the first millennium BC. They could easily have also sailed due west at Gibraltar. The Babylonians and/or Phoenicians probably figured out that the earth was actually spherical back when Europeans were all still hunter-gatherers, and could have launched voyages of discovery / conquest any time thereafter.

    This likely origin of "the New World civilizations" is never discussed for the same reason every other episode of the Jews' Hidden History is never discussed— to cover up their mind-boggling criminal tracks. Aztec and other meso-American ruling classes were obviously criminally insane (one of the evidences they were really "Jews"). So yes, the "native" drug culture of Mexico could very well be of "Jewish" origin. Jews dig psychosis, always have.

    As for pot kingpins not being Jews, have you ever known any? I have. I don't mean this nickel and dime rural pot-head homegrown bullshit action, I mean deals of tens of tons at a time, baled, delivered in cargo planes from thousand-acre plantations in third-world countries. Yeah, that.

    ALL JEWS. Jew city, baby. The DEA and local cops never TOUCH them. Hey, they have CIA clearances! They're the oldest, biggest MAFIA on earth. All the other ethnic mafias are bullshit in comparison.

    Look, I never intended to challenge you to a pissing contest. As for the validity of my opening comment, look no further than the next one, wherein the Jew hasbarah gatekeeper froths at the mouth in rage over what I've revealed. I rest my case. If this also isn't persuasive, I suggest you're just being stubborn.

    Hey Kenny, I feel for you. None of that damage has to be permanent. We made a mistake. The cure for it is to BE HONEST in retrospect, and to make amends with our ancestors.

  9. You assholes, should be born in 1992, with all the crapt electronic music.



  10. So this means you're LEAVING, right Jew? Cool beans! fuckin pa-a-a-a-r-TEEEE! Don't let the door hit you in your psychotic Jew baby-killer ass!


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