Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Setting back the 9/11 Truth Movement a Decade

And that's what Alex Jones managed to do in the documentary, "New World Order" that aired yesterday evening on the Independent Film Channel.

Jones came across as an out of control, paranoid, delusional nut case who sees conspiracies behind every corner that are waiting to take him down.

Any Americans watching that hit piece that might of been sitting on the fence, not sure about what happened on 9/11 and that maybe, just maybe it was some kind of an inside job is now lost forever to the other side thanks to Jones.
They'll look at Jones and see all the crazies that the foot servants of Empire, like Hannity, O'LIElly and Limbaugh warn about in their propaganda broadcasts.

Here's what Robert Lloyd of the LA Times said about Jones in "New World Order."
Jones is a self-inflating (though not charmless) showboat who gets energy from hearing himself speak; he has cast himself as the star and main target in a conspiracy thriller he sees following him everywhere: a shirtless biker hanging around the Washington Mall is certainly Secret Service; the fire alarm that goes off in his hotel can only be a "setup."

And from the "Paper of Record," the New York Times, in their article Conspiracy Theorists Examined
The most prominent of the filmmakers’ subjects, the radio host Alex Jones, who is based in Austin, Tex., rails against the powers that be — all of them — in a manner that reinforces every cliché of the conspiracy theorist loon: paranoid, megalomaniacal, delusional, sweaty. The documentary’s most action-packed scene finds Mr. Jones throwing a major hissy fit when his hotel fire alarm goes off, thereby proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that “they” are trying to suppress his revelations.

And for once, I agree with the NYT. Between his bug-eyed facial features and waving his arms like a whirling dervish, Jones looked like someone who had escaped the confines of his straightjacket.

To be fair, the producers of this hit piece focused on the fringe elements of the 9/11 Truth Movement, from interviewing some Idaho militia types to the Florida Jesus freak that didn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

But it's the most visible and best known character, Jones who manages to trash the 9/11 Truth Movement thru his hysterics and acting like he has no control over his emotions.

Thanks Alex, for helping trash the 9/11 Truth Movement, you did a bang up piece for Tyranny, Death and Destruction. Your handlers must be proud!


  1. Alex has outlived his usefulness.

  2. He's either completely flipped out or is in service to the New World Order types he raves about.

  3. Alex is the first host on the internet that helped me to understand the evil in government but I came to realize since 9-11 he has not been completely "truthful" in the involvement of ALL the culprits of this world government namely false Israel & the communist jews.


  4. I'm in agreement with Greg.

    Alex, Jason...prove me wrong, if at all possible.

  5. Jones does what he always has and irritates the hell out of everyone. But-is he wrong? The OBAMA DECEPTION must be seen.

  6. Jones does what he always has and irritates the hell out of everyone. But-is he wrongI'm not saying he's wrong, but the way he carries on in that doc will make a lot of people think he's' batshit crazy and by association, they'll think others with the 9/11 Truth Movement are as nutty as Jones.

    He did a LOT of damage to the movement by coming on like a Grade A nut job.

  7. Oh please, Jones is TOTALLY a flack for the fucking Jews. He destroys the credibility of every movement he attaches himself to every time he opens his goddam cavernous mouth. HE DOES IT ON PURPOSE.

    THAT'S WHY HE GETS TO HAVE HIS "CELEBRITY DISSIDENT" CAREER, DUH. Real dissidents don't get to be celebrities in the totally-Jew-controlled media. They get whacked like Bill Cooper. Genesis Communications Network is Jones' boss. It's owned by DISNEY. Disney is controlled by JEWS just like every other huge media empire. If there were any chance of this insufferable blowhard setting foot within 15 miles of the truth, the Disney Jews would have swirled his fat ass down the memory hole a long time ago.

  8. Jones is a shill. No one can look objectively at 9-11 and ignore the jews. So he and geraldo go from being bitter enemies, to Alex appearing on geraldo's show? No matter what your position on anthropogenic global warming,there's no better way to alienate a potentially receptive audience than to toe the Exxon-Mobil line. Just like Alex did in 2006. He's a ringer, Cooper had him pegged.

  9. The key to being a successful shill is to give them the truth 85-90% of the time... the shilling comes in what you do NOT say, how you angle things, and that last part can be disinfo very craftily woven through everything.

    Jones is an obvious shill. I always felt him to be a tad too dramatic, hysterical and too quick to point out things that might easily have been his own paranoia.

    Like Abe Waxman he seemed to find "insults" or "things to worry about" where there was none that I could discern.

    Yes, The Obama Deception is truly an eye opener. However, as I said, there could easily be enough disinfo woven through the truths that has heretofore not been made reality.

    Alex is also supposed to instill fear into the souls of Americans. That is part of of his work.

    As for him being a Zionist shill. Well yeah. He has left everything Zionist oriented out of his rants and raves. That says a lot.

    He has some young guy doing a radio show for him and I was amazed that this kid insulted an older caller who had something valid to say because he used the word Zionist.

    I am very respectful of William Cooper. Currently I am putting in time learning from the Mystery Babylon Series. At one point Cooper calls Jones out as a liar and a coward and describes the circumstances of the accusation.

    Apparently, after some non incident on his show, Jones came out and made up some accusation against Cooper. Darned if several callers did not phone Cooper and support Cooper in what he said. Now, I tend to trust Cooper's sincerity just a weeeeeeeeeee more. He is wise and not a hot head at all.

    And they snookered him.

    He will do as said, make conspiracy theorists come across as tinfoilers without a brain.

    It is similar to a couple up in Canada who were sent their kids to school with a swastika on their arm. Now the kids are in foster, and the parents are being majorly painted as white trash, unstable and crazy.

    The facts, have become lost. The world is supposed to see revisionists as these kind of people. The media is making sure the comparisons are made.

    Yes the media ~ including Jones ~ is doing what the Jews do best. Paint the adversary as unbelievable in the minds of the general public. If that does not work, try more slander.

    If that doesn't work, pull a Bill Cooper and them and just assassinate them.

  10. Thank you, Barbara, great comment. Bill's Mystery Babylon series is amazing, the deepest depths of the rabbit hole finally dragged out into daylight. everybody should hear it.
    Given what mass media is, it's just incredible that anybody anywhere produced such a series. Bill was a real human, not a whore.

    Alex Jones' abusive mini-me is Jason Bermas, one of the three Catskills Jew pot-heads who supposedly produced "Loose Change" (except they didn't; they couldn't color in a frikkin coloring book). Another Jewy nest of creeps orbiting Jones is We Are Change. I live in New York; the "truther" scene here is right out of a nightmare, three PR goons to every one normal sincere person.

    Some of the best exposés of all of the above are on the Subverted Nation site.
    That first image is the "Loose Change" boyz. Bermas is the knuckle-dragger out in front. Can't you just picture these three prying gold fillings out of people's heads in an NKVD prison in the 1930s?

    Here's another one

    and another

    — J

  11. I've never had much time for Alex Jones. Any theory that doesn't focus on Israeli involvement is essentially worthless. How the towers came down will never lead to anything and this man is almost singularly responsible for destroying any attempt to get another investigation IMHO...

  12. Yes, perfectly said!

    "How the towers came down will never lead to anything..."

    I have been trying to get this through people's heads for five goddam years, but ya know what— bullshit memes really do WORK. That's why Jews employ them. They're excellent occult weapons.

  13. Mr Jones bears the odors of a Knight of Malta and a Jesuit - a smelly catholic indeed.

  14. Personally, I don't want any kind of an investigation or commission into 9/11: they serve only as dump-sites and burial grounds of the truth. What I would like to see happen is someone in the 'know', preferably a turncoat military officer who was part of the coup d etat to come clean. That's all it would take - one person with real credibility and the 'watergate' would burst wide open. Of course this person needs to be willing to risk his life for eh will surely lose it.

  15. Another thing......all this talk about the Neo-Con, Zionist's or dual citizen Israeli's, Mishna Talmudist's, Kaballahist's, etc. blah - blah - blah - is nothing more than reversed propaganda. What they really are are Fucking Jews. PERIOD - so please refrain from the polite use of euphemisms.

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