Saturday, June 27, 2009

CIA to Institute SPY programs on campus

College students! Do you want to travel to foreign countries and exotic locales, meet the indigenous people and kill them?

Then join today the CIA's college scheme to establish campus recruiting and training programs and learn how to out Bond James Bond!
Obama Admin Wants to Bring Spy Training Program to Colleges

The Obama administration has proposed offering federal money to colleges and universities to help train students to become spies for the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The Washington Post reports the intelligence officer training program would function much like ROTC, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps run by the military with the government subsidizing the cost of school in return for future service. However, unlike ROTC, the students’ participation in the spy training program would likely be kept secret.
A Harvard Ph.D candidate/CIA recruit presents his doctoral thesis


This is sorry indictment of America when the only decent job offers are from the ROTC programs which recruit and send overseas American kids to kill and the CIA who recruit collegians to send overseas and foment revolutions, coups and hostile takeover of governments the wealthy elite don't like.
After all, we need those precious natural resources from the 3rd world to keep living our lifestyle and if we have to kill a few thousand or a few million, well that's the cost of making an omelette.

But don't despair college grads. There's always those high paying jobs at Wal Mart and McDonalds!


  1. Hey Bacon

    Nothing about the Jews !!!

    I thought we are more popular.

    Damn you are pathetic

  2. Anonymous dumb ass wants to forget its ALL about the JEWS. These recruits won't be spying on anybody, except their Goyim classmates, because that's how JEWS operate.

    I'd say we're about due for a major false flag attack, and since non have taken hold of late, this one will have to sacrifice a large number of JEWS to be believable. Are you listening, Mossad?

  3. Yes, we're about due for another "present" from our only friend in the ME, Israel.

    Probably a dirty bomb detonated in a medium size American port, one that has security provided by the GREENBERGS of AIG.

    Most likely detonatated on a MOSSAD tanker with Iranian papers that has a Palestinian as the captain.

  4. We invent now in the MOSAD a new special bomb, that will exterminate only the Nazi's Pig Rednecks, as we want to clean America from the white trash.....


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