Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Hollywood, we're missing a stereotype here"

Hollywood seems to have an endless fascination with certain stereotypes, like the ones showing my Italian DNA as some overgrown, flabby pasta eating thugs, always sitting in a restaurant gulping down mountains of spaghetti while discussing how to "whack" someone.

Or the movies showing African-Americans as wearing about 20 pounds of gold and chugging malt liquor while planning on how to take over the crack trade.

The portrayal of Irish-Americans as living in some Northern Ireland blarney stone pub, gulping down vast quantities of Guinness Ale while plotting on how to blow up the British soldiers of occupation is a familiar one.

And the favorite stereotype of Hollywood these days, the bomb-throwing, AK47 packing Muslim "fundie" who worships death and hates life.

So Hollywood, where are the movies/TV shows that depict the money-grubbing Jew banker? There's no shortage of material, from the time JC tossed the money changers out of the Temple, to the "Shylocks" of the Middle Ages to today, where the Federal Reserve is controlled by Jews and giving away trillions of dollars to their buddies on Wall Street, another Jewish enclave.

C'mon, don't be shy! Turn that mirror inward and give us some monster Speilberg flick about money-grubbing Jew bankers. With all the scams, cons and outright thefts going on in the US Treasury Department and Wall Street, there's no lack of material.


Some might say this is "anti-Semitic." I disagree. If Hollywood can slander and malign Italians, the Irish, Blacks and billions of Muslims, then it should have no problem with making movies spoofing money-grubbing Jew bankers.


  1. I can think of a few other movies that would be great if done with honesty;

    USS Liberty

    Rachael Corrie

    The demolition of the WTC


    Of course we know who runs Hollywood so there's not a chance.

  2. Think Michael Moore has the, pardon me, chutzpah? Although he has been such an agent of disinfo I do not trust him entirely.

  3. Considering his AGENT...there's no frickin' way.

  4. "Mikey" Moore's agent, the brother of Rahm Emanuel?

  5. Even if they did make such a movie I wouldn't watch it, I've had all I can stand of this particular tribe. I wish they would continue that separation wall all around that psychotic state of hate, not to keep the scary Arabs out but to lock those freaks of nature in! Maybe then we could have a little peace and quiet!

  6. Bacon Hypocrit

    Your fellow Indinas come first.
    Just see how fucked up you are with your hate.
    You show the indians as drunk stupid reds.
    What do u care about those who live among you, that you kicked out from thier lands and put them in the reservations.

    You care about the Jews..........
    you are all SO predicted.
    Only hate thats your life story.
    So make yourself your own movie, Nazi's Homos running after each other ass

  7. Anon, if you're going to leave messages, either learn how to spell or get your Mommy to spell check your hateful replies.

    Just make sure you're not engaged with your "joystick" when Mommy comes into your basement dungeon.

  8. Facts is facts, "anon" critic!

    If there's any doubt check out the huge gift-box multi-CD pack of the (alleged) humor of Lenny Bruce.

    I heard a copy at the public library, the very same library that would not allow me to donate dissent literature to them (simple stuff like David Duke's "My Awakenening" which if nothing else is part of America's cultural history). But Bruce telling Polish jokes? Hey, it's "classic humor" don't ya know?

    Jews invented ethnic humor and made a fortune peddling it. Now they pass "hate laws" because what they started just might come back and bite them in the butt.

    Anon: This is the fact of the matter. Deal with it.

  9. Bacon

    I know that you were playing with your kid joystick,
    so spare your perversive imagination to yourself "ENGLISH SPECIALIST"

  10. Bacon

    Readers are with tears reading how much you care about the Palestinians, they are living close to you.
    While Who the hell are the Native Indians, they live in another continent..... In a place called America don’t they….. Happy and free, give them back their land
    Nazi Hypocrite pervert

  11. Federal and state officials claim blogger Hal Turner's posts rise above the threshold of the First Amendment right to free speech.
    Hal Turner wrote, "Let me be the first to say this plainly: These Judges deserve to be killed."

    assault or murder a federal judge carries a maximum penalty of TEN years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

    Turner a white supremacist, a hate blogger and a neo-Nazi, is also facing Connecticut charges of inciting injury against three state officials in a different blogging incident.

  12. Frank,
    The US and Canada libraries culled "hate literature" from their shelves many decades ago. You can check on OCLC for how many libraries have Duke's book... and I'd bet half of them "don't" anymore. I donated some of Michael Hoffman II's books to various libraries, esp. "Judaism Discovered," and last time I checked OCLC for lib'y holdings it was zero!
    You have to go back about about 70 years for any candid look at jews in film. There was a hollywood version, "The Rothschilds" or some such, ca. 1932, and then there was Veit Harlan's Jud Suess in 1940, but most copies have been destroyed although Last I checked International Historic Films had it. I'm sure there are many in arabic!

  13. Anon Annie,

    How's your Prozac treatment coming along?

  14. How right you are, Greg!!!

  15. You forgot the "Homer Simpson" dumbass white guy. We're ALL like that, according to the JEW.

  16. Well.... now Hollywood is missing TWO stereotypes. Unplug the J tube two weeks if you wish to miss 24/7 MSM coverage of King Michael, no doubt culminating
    with a funeral at the capitol rotunda,
    Obama presiding.... QE2, a fan, will donate her gold carriage for the cortege.....and a nice diversion from Shock and Awe II starting in Iran!
    The King will have no "fans" where he be going in the afterworld.

  17. MJ dead? One less child rapist in the world.

    No wonder Jackson called his place "Never-Never Land."

  18. Your readers might want to see

    Zionist views from North London

  19. The drawing of Hymie Goldbags
    looks to be drawn by the same
    artist who did the children's book,
    "The Poison Mushroom"... thats great stuff. I came to mind with Michael
    Jackson.... the nasty rich jew offering candy to german kids as a lure to his web to diddle them.
    It could probably be googled up and seen on some "hate" or ADL site.

  20. Jackson....jew ????

    Hehe that was a nice one moron


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