Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Nazis of Israel: Starving Palestine

The Ghettos of Gaza and the West Bank

The Nazis of Israel built this wall


The policy is not fixed, but continually subject to change, explains a COGAT official. Thus, about two months ago, the COGAT officials allowed pumpkins and carrots into Gaza, reversing a ban that had been in place for many months. The entry of "delicacies" such as cherries, kiwi, green almonds, pomegranates and chocolate is expressly prohibited. As is halvah, too, most of the time. Sources involved in COGAT's work say that those at the highest levels, including acting coordinator Amos Gilad, monitor the food brought into Gaza on a daily basis and personally approve the entry of any kind of fruit, vegetable or processed food product requested by the Palestinians. At one of the unit's meetings, Colonel Oded Iterman, a COGAT officer, explained the policy as follows: "We don't want Gilad Shalit's captors to be munching Bamba [a popular Israeli snack food] right over his head."

After four pages filled with detailed charts of the number of grams and calories of every type of food to be permitted for consumption by Gaza residents (broken down by gender and age), comes this recommendation: "It is necessary to deal with the international community and the Palestinian Health Ministry to provide nutritional supplements (only some of the flour in Gaza is enriched) and to provide education about proper nutrition." Printed in large letters at the end of the document is this admonition: "The stability of the humanitarian effort is critical for the prevention of the development of malnutrition."

The Nazis of Germany built this wall


Build a wall around a people, then severely restrict the amount of food that is allowed in, ensuring crowded living conditions, starvation diets, and little sanitation.

The German Nazis would only allow in these items supplied on the basis of ration cards and they were few in number: 70-250g of bread, 250g sugar/month, a few potatoes and sometimes jam cabbage and beets.

The Israeli Nazis only allow in 12 basic food items and not near enough calories to live on.

Looks like the Israeli's have copied in whole Nazi Germany's plan for parts of Europ

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  1. Hey get it straight Greg. You should be singing the Who here.. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

    A few years ago I came across a photo of Rumsfeld and one of his uncle. My god Greg, they were absolute complete clones. All that was different was style of dress.

    Rove is a scion of a Nazi family as well. We know that thanks to Operation Paperclip lots of these lovely people gravitated to America. And face it, lots of them were scum then just as they are now.

    So, now, let us talk about Israel and her founders. Again, most of the leaders of Israel were terrorists of the coldest stripe and their progeny are involved in modern rule as well.

    I propose that these members of the Mystery Religions all, from a nazi base, are all from Nazi blood in one way or another. And they are carrying on the Zionist plan.

    So they blew it in Germany. They have changed things, tightened a few screws here and there and here we are. Apparently too dumb to figure it out.

    I just posted a piece on Life of children in Palestine and there is some detail on the starvation issue. From what I have read about the Concentration Camps, many of them had better nutrition before the war started starving all Germans down, not just the campers.

    And as several Camp survivors have said lately, in the camps they knew an end would come to the camps. It is worse in Palestine because that end of the regime is just not on the books and they are being fed worse. This from camp surivors.

    (Was it David Irving that said, "There is a Concentration Camp survivor born every day?")

    And for all those who think the people of Israel are prisoner of a nasty government but good folks, they need to read the COMMENTS in Ha'aretz sometime. I found a piece on the hunger in Gaza and the comments were vile. Just malicious and vile.

    byeeee got more to do, they just let me out of my cage for a few moments so I am running around seeing what people are writing!

    BTW have you seen Incog's new video? Not half bad. All stuff I have already written about but he puts it together quickly in a vid that is pretty educational for newbies.


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