Friday, June 26, 2009

"Soooee, sooeee, calling all porkers" Congress just gave itself nearly 4 BILLION for EXPENSES

How sweet it is!

How would you like a job with a six figure salary and the ability to vote yourself an additional healthy chunk of taxpayer money to be used for "expenses?"

Need millions and millions each year to run your household?

Then become a member of the Congressional royalty and you too can wallow in the pork of nearly FOUR BILLION dollars to be used for "expenses."

$3.7 billion divided by 535 members of Congress works out to a sweet $6.9 MILLION for each one of our Congressional "princes" to spend on "expenses."

That's one helluva lot of money for computers and printers.... and $400 dollar haircuts and custom made silk suits. Ever see one of your Congressional gas bags with a hair out of place or a rumpled suit while bloviating?

Thanks to Congress passing bills that eliminated oversight of Wall Street, many of us are having to do with less, a lot less and some with nothing at all, as they have lost their home.

But in the Never-Never Land of Congress, no such horrors as belt-tightening will ever come to the floor, as this year's legislative branch spending bill is SEVEN PERCENT HIGHER than last year's.

Amendments that were offered up to cut this massive pork project were shot down quickly. How dare anyone try and make Congress face reality!

BOTOX addict Speaker of the House Pelosi is getting over FIVE MILLION for her "expenses."

Over 300 MILLION for employee tuition expenses. Which means you could hire your son or daughter, pay them a six figure salary to "work" and send them to school at the same time, and get the suckers... uh, I mean the taxpayers to pay for both in H.R. 2918.

Read thru this bill and you can see that Pelosi can easily double her expense money by picking up loose change from the committees she's on and other artful dodges.

No wonder these jokers fight like cats and dogs to stay in office.

Who wouldn't want a part-time job with a salary in seven figures?

Overall, the House bill totals about $3.7 billion — which is expected to increase to $4.7 billion when Senate items are added.

That’s about a 7 percent increase over fiscal 2009 spending — including an 8 percent increase for Members’ office budgets.


  1. Its time to take care about the Native Indians Citizens of our country and not send the money to those Palestinians who's leaders take it all to their pockets.

  2. We don't send money to "those Palestinians" we send money as well as military aid to Israel!!

    We need to decrease Congress wages, they need to earn something equivalent to minimum wage and see how they can make ends meet with such a low income!

  3. They're all fucking MILLIONAIRES...ON OUR DIMES!

    Why do they have lifetime health insurance...and WE THE PEOPLE don't?!?

  4. Do you understand now why the american people cant get health care? Why we cant have manufacturing jobs in the US? we have been sold out by these treasonist pigs...throw them ALL out regardless of party.

  5. Do you understand now why the american people cant get health care? Why we cant have manufacturing jobs in the US? we have been sold out by these treasonist pigs...throw them ALL out regardless of party.

  6. The people are suckers and they are literally going to lose everything.

    People that peacefully 'protests' what the government is doing are now being called 'low-level terrorists' by that same Federal Government.

    People that support 3rd political parties are now being profiled as potential terrorists.

    Just wait until they have 'no-drive' lists like they now have 'no-fly' lists. By government fiat people will no longer have a right to travel.

    The USA is a fascist corrupt police state where cops can literally steal everything you own and literally kill you and get away with it...


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