Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jews Gone Wild


  1. This is part of a series by that name. Several of the pieces take place involving this same group of idiots. They live on an entirely different planet. These are the Haradi that they are planning on moving into the last few Palestinian heavy areas to populate. Apparently they have 8 kids per woman as compared to 4 per Pali ... provided they are able to live without some form of disaster. These are the guys who spit all over the aussie reporter (I posted the piece last night). These are they guys who were told that, rather than listen to the crime of a woman singing, they should leave teh army and be jailed. These are they guys who throw urine and diapers and feces as the police who are there to keep them from their riots. They are the spitters of Jerusalem. And terrifying... at least half of them are from the US.

  2. They are as the white supremacist racist in the US, morons, idiots and should be jailed as they are completley the same psycho's ...........

  3. I couldn't understand what these schmucks were talking about. They should still be kicked in the nutts.

  4. damn every time I see his smug mug I wanna bitch slap him.

    Ooops I said a bad word!

    LOL they must be getting to me.


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