Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Are you a REAL American?"

Are you a REAL American or just some latte sipping poseur?

Take this red, white and blue quiz to see if you really are an American or some Bin Laden wannabe.

1.) Whenever you hear the National Anthem, do you:

A) Come to attention, whip off a snappy salute and get all teary-eyed.
B) Scratch your crotch and wonder if the old lady's getting that beer.
C) Oil your AK47 while shouting "Allah Akbar."

2.) You see a bunch of smelly hippy types protesting the Iraq War, what would you do?

A) Immediately stop your pickup truck, get out your 'tire checker' and start bashing some commie punks in the face.
B) Don't pay any attention, since you're on your cell phone, trying to talk your wife's sister into meeting at a motel.
C) Stop your car and join the traitors.

3.) What cable news channels do you watch?

A) FOX News runs on my TV 24 hours a day.
B) MSNBC and Lifetime.
C) Al Jazeera

4.) While at your son's Little League game, you notice some radicals not saluting "Old Glory" while walking past that icon, what should be done?

A) Grab your trusty TAZER and shock some sense into those Gawd-less lesbian faggots.
B) You didn't see them, since you were too busy trying to seduce the coaches wife.
C) Haul down 'Old Glory' and use it in your Jim Morrison imitation.

5.) While listening to Rush Limbaugh on your 500 watt radio in the park, you notice some shifty types not paying attention to his Majesty, what would be your reaction?

A) Wait until station break, then go over and introduce your steel toed boots to those scum.
B) You didn't notice, since you were too busy making out with your brother's sister.
C) "What's a Rush Limbaugh?"

6.) Although your FIVE college deferments kept you from serving your country during the righteous Vietnam War, you see some punks demonstrating in front of a Marine Corp recruiting office, what would be your reaction?

A) Grab some of your like minded buddies out of the bar and start beating some patriotism into those assholes.
B) "Hey, that one blonde haired babe demonstrating is kinda hot!"
C) Make sure your kaffiyeh is on properly and join the demonstrators.

7.) You hear from the "Glenn Beck" show that the ACLU is going to be in town to file a brief, what would be your reaction?

A) Get in touch with the local VFW (Veterans for Wars) and agree to find these vermin and show them some bare-knuckle respect.
B) You're not sure if you'll be in town that day, since your fraternity bro's are throwing a reunion kegger.
C) Send another healthy donation to the ACLU.

8.) Your US Senator is going to be at a "Town Hall" meeting to discuss health care, what would you do?

A) Go there packing your trusty M-16 with its 40 round mag, waving a sign that says "No Commie Health" even though you don't have health care and will probably lose your home if you ever wind up in a hospital.
B) You won't be able to attend, since the coach caught you making out with his wife and put you into the hospital.
C) I'll be too busy reading my Koran.

SCORING: 3 points for each A; 2 points for each B and ZERO points for each C.

0-8: If you're still in this country by the end of the week, Pinko, TWO of our beefier 'customer service reps' will pay you a visit and give you and up close and personal teaching of what it means to be an American.

9-16: Your blood might be red, but you're nothing more than a Chardonnay sipping, croissant eating pussy.

17-24: Congratulations! You're one of a disappearing kind, a real 'John Wayne' kind of American. Join us in our monthly meeting by the old oak tree on Nathan Forest road and meet others like yourself.

P.S. BYOS---- Bring your own sheet.


  1. Greg what am I going to do with you? I could not answer any of those questions. Sighs. I was too busy making out with your brother to pay much attention to it.

    BTW when you leave comments on my blog like that last one, I never know if you are serious or not. I don't have much of a sense of humor yanno. Not sure sometimes in this crazy world what is what. I just follow my conscience and damn the consequences. Do you really thing that just posting such a piece is dangerous?

    Not that I would pull it anyhow!

    Are you as hot as your brother? LOL.

  2. Sharmuta

    if your Palestinian fuck will read that you fuck arround with those pig brothers, he will take your head off, you know the way you like - the Muslim way.

  3. Once again, anony-MOUSE dares not show its name before coming up with nonsense. No wonder it is afraid to tell who it is. Or what. Not only is it filthy, it has no sense of humor or ability to think outside of the box.

    BTW, fool, my partner knows quite well everything I do as do I him. Now careful, your idiocy and stereotypical thinking is showing.

  4. So your fuck is not a muslim

    Muzzammil Hassan, 44, is accused of murder of Aasiya Hassan.
    The founder of a US Muslim TV network has been charged over the beheading of his wife.

    She fucked arround, so he as a good Muslim, did what he had to do...........

    Syed Kamran Mirza
    beheading is an Islamic justice to the infidels, criminals, and sinners. Islamists are not ready to take the burden of ugly reality of the fact that human beheading is 100% consistent with the sacred Islamic Jihadi practices. Beheading was practiced by Muhammad himself.
    Quranic verses that dictate beheading.
    47:4- �Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide Slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives
    Muhammad himself sanctioned the massacre of the Qurayza, Thus some 600 to 900 men from the Qurayza were lead on Muhammad�s order to the Market of Medina. Trenches were dug and the men were beheaded, and their decapitated corpses buried in the trenches while Muhammad watched in attendance.
    Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam uses public beheading as the punishment for murder, rape, drug trafficking.
    45 men and 2 women were beheaded in 2002 and a further 52 men and 1 woman in 2003. The condemned of both sexes are given tranquillisers and then taken by police van to a public square or a car park after midday Friday prayers.
    Islamists consider beheading as the most degrading way of killing female who fuck arround.

    Thats realy funny and you are telling me I don't have a sense of humor.

  5. What does any of this have to do with either me or my man? Your language is crude, dude. Rather matches your thinking processes it seems.

    You are the kind of fool who does not understand as with Christianity there are levels of devotion. Do all Christians go out and kill abortionists? No of course not. Do Christians have abortions? You betcha. Yet others would die before having one. All are different. And it still involves the taking of a life.

    You do not understand that Islam is one thing, cultural interpretation is another. And in most cases since they are patriarchal cultures, the males determine the way of things. But not all are this way. KSA is the home of radical Wahabbism, the variety of Islam that gave us the Taliban with a lot of American tax dollars. They have imported a variety of Islam that a Muslim from Bangalore or Kerala or North America would deplore. Your broad interpretations gives away your lack of knowledge of a culture you condemn.

    BTW, any woman offered the choice between an urbane cultured successful Palestinian and a western galoot like yourself would not think twice opting for the former. You reek of rank beer.


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