Friday, August 21, 2009

FEMA Mass Evacuation Bus: The Government's Secret Weapon?

What's this for? You figure it out.

As I mentioned earlier, Janet Porter had Jane Burgermeister on her program today so that Burgermeister could lay out her case that the Obama White House, FBI, WHO, UN, Federal Reserve, NATO and various international figures are all conspiring to unleash a massive flu pandemic on America and commit mass genocide against the US population for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies who are producing the flu virus vaccine.
Ask yourself this: How many times has the federal government lied to We the People?

Saddam's nukes?

Saddam's invovlement in 9/11?

Rolling back the tax cut on the wealthiest?

Lies about Iran's nuclear energy program?

Lies about being mobbed up with Bin Laden, right up to September 10, 2001?

Lies about why we're still fighting wars in Afghanistan and starting a new one in Pakistan?

Then ask yourself if you still believe what DC says. If you do, then you're a prime candidate for getting that untested and unknown Swine Flu vaccine stuck in your arm.


1 comment:

  1. Just imagine it's the Mass Expulsion Bus.
    And no, after the 911 Commission Distort, I do not trust the government about anything.


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