Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to get fired from your job as editorial cartoonist...

The best way to get fired is to draw editorial cartoons that depict some of the suffering in Occupied Palestine. You can make cartoons that show Muslims in a bad light or make fun of their Prophet and your paper will be lauded by other Zionist fronts and see an uptick in ad revenue.

But depict in a cartoon the horrible suffering of Palestine and you're sure to be standing in the unemployment line.

Here's one of the cartoons that got Malcolm Evans fired from his job as editorial cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald.

For more cartoons declared VERBOTEN by the World Council of Jewry, click on this link

Budding cartoonists, take note! Don't draw up the horrid realities of life in Occupied Palestine if you wish to continue on in your chosen vocation.

For more on Malcolm's firing and who replaced him, click here:

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