Saturday, August 1, 2009

Israeli Gun Boat STORM TROOPERS Commit Piracy

Watch this video of the Israeli navy attacking, boarding and hijacking the Spirit of Humanity in international waters on June 30, and decide for yourself if Israel has violated international and maritime laws. Israeli authorities confiscated most of the cameras and film from internationals documenting this attack. They missed one....

The Israeli government also hijacks Palestinian fishing boats, in Palestinian territorial waters, kidnaps the fishermen, and sends its military out to shoot to wound and kill them as they struggle to make a living.

After watching this video, you will be convinced that Israel has committed acts of piracy against Palestinians and against internationals. No other country would be allowed to do what Israel does on a daily basis.

From the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Looks like the hired guns, assassins and murderers of the Israeli Occupation Force are getting lazy to not have STOLEN all video recording equipment from the Free Gaza people.

Not quite as easy as hiding behind a wall and shooting a Palestinian teenager in the head or pregnant mother in the stomach from 300 yards away, is it, IOF?

But to a nation filled with land thieves, con artists, false-flag experts, racists, murderers and wanted felons hiding from the law, it should of been a 'slam dunk' to steal all video recorders.

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