Friday, August 7, 2009

"Israeli's, it is always the Israeli's"

Organ Trafficking is Global and run out of Israel. Orphans "adopted" and "harvested"

The American Free Press broke a story claiming that trafficking in organs is global and it is run out of Israel. They allege that orphans were "adopted" all over the world, taken to Israel and "harvested." This allegation is based upon testimony of Israeli army officers who assisted in these crimes.

Israel is the world supermarket for body parts—but almost no Israelis are willing to donate body parts. If you are an Israeli who wants somebody else’s organs, you can enjoy a government financed “transplant tourism” vacation, group or individual. Pick Eastern Europe, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Central and South America, the Philippines etc. Choose from a line-up of donors—like selecting a live lobster to be boiled for dining pleasure.

Pic of your typical Israeli, awaiting human organs that have been criminally harvested


"You're here. A deal is a deal. Now you'll give us a kidney or you'll never go home".

This scandal over the sale of organs is the product of a culture that firmly believes that they [Jews] are "gods" who walk upon the Earth, and that all other people [goyim] are just sub-humans, who can be exploited [cannibalized] and even killed to suit there needs. The truth is that they are Satanic to the core. And the world is finally recognizing this reality for what it is.

When I was in Peru three years ago, I spent some time at a Christian orphanage in Yucay. They had about 36 children there, all Inca Indian. The lady who ran the orphanage (a living saint) told me that all but two were the victims of organized pedophile rings. I asked her if she knew who was responsible for the operation of these rings. I will never forget her words: "Israelis, it is always the Israelis." It is easy to prey on these children because, in the Third World, there is almost no protection. Neither the Government of Peru nor the church really give a damn about Indian children, except to exploit them. Some of these children were used to make pornographic movies, and others were sold to pedophiles for sexual abuse. You can't imagine what it is like to look into the face of a ten-year-old girl who NEVER speaks, and NEVER smiles. NEVER! It is as if her soul had been ripped out of her. It is something that you cannot forget.

Now, there are other nations, such as Romania and Turkey etc, etc, who are looking into how many of their children have been adopted from orphanages by Israelis. They are now demanding an accounting. Where are these children? What became of them? All I can say to these fools is, good luck! This morning the American Free Press broke a story claiming that trafficking in organs is global and it is run out of Israel. They allege that orphans were "adopted" all over the world, taken to Israel and "harvested". This allegation is based upon testimony of Israeli Army officers who assisted in these crimes....

Rest of story at News from the West


  1. hey greg
    ok confession time! you are the first person i've done this blogging lark with, so not only am i on a bit of a roll! i am aware that some of my stuff is controversial, yet... certainly this organ trafficking is of satan (as is every act, or even thought, of human harming human). it does not surprise me that it is centred on israel. certainly there is a jewish element that sadly believes they are the only chosen ones! And that mind set does lead to extreme disgrace and atrocity! Yet they are not the only ones committing extreme atrocities. These khazar zionists do have power over many through their banking cartel and media empire, although the simple solution there is not to get in debt and turn off the tv. the european royal family could be khazar (of which a surprising number of US presidents are related, inc the Bushes, the original Boshe believe it or not!). yet there is one power not khazar, it has its own state, it is the only country on earth where the head of state is also head of its religeon, it can influence policy at the WHO, it has observer status at the UN, WTO and many other NGOs, alledgely has control of the CFR, CIA etc, it has phenominal wealth in assets alone, it has its own bank which alledgely has controlling interests in nearly all major financial institutions - alledgedly because the accounts of of this bank are never audited. It does seem to be widely accepted that the Bank of America is co-owned by the Rothschilds (aka Khazar, Bank of England) and, yes, the Vatican Bank. And there are the highly secretive vatican vaults, stashed with our true history....

    For me this is where any follower of a mainstream religeon has been conned. For me any good christian, catholic, moslem, or jew would not advocate or commit any crime against humanity. Yet our so-called leaders do! They either dont care (satanists) or cant care (atheists). they are all zionists.

    how conned? what religeon was jesus, jew of course! now we get seriously controversial. the roman authority (sun worshippers at the time) deified him, made HIM christ and his followers christian, simply to divide and weaken the troublesome jews (at the same time trying to wipe Mary Magdelane out of herstory, G-D of course being male and female thus the christ being jesus and mary united!). First created religeon. Second, looks like they had a hand in the creation, certainly propagation, of islam. Mohammeds wife had a close relative who was a royal roman (of ceasar) of the Holy Roman EMPIRE! All to further divide the jews (very few christian became moslem then!), and subsequently conquer by playing the jew against the moslem, christian against moslem, even christian v christian, moslem v moslem ...and so on. Divide and conquer.

    End of rant coming. the vatican vaults - secrets of mind blowing historical significance? the jesuit intelligence service? observatories????? the all seeing eye... power over us all.... it desires!
    the big secret... the universe is teeming with life, gods, godesses, angels (joseph smiths beings of light, two of by the way), even demons lucifer (bringer of light), his/her demons.... and all... all connected, energy, spirit, soul... as one!


  2. At one time, the Vatican wielded immense power, hence the name "Holy Roman Empire."

    I don't think they have that much power these days and seem to take a place behind Zionism.

    But they've been responsible for loads of grief over the century's, all committed in God's name, of course.

    For someone like the Pope to profess to be the 'Vicar of Christ,' then dress in custom made silk skirts, wear jewelry worth a fortune, ride around in Mercedes limos and fly in private jets tells me the Vatican and the Pope are more in love with worldy pleasures and serve the god called Mammon.


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