Monday, August 3, 2009

The Jewish Murder Machine - No Camps, No Gas, Just a Bullet

Silent, taciturn, unemotional Jews murdering White Christians one after another. This took place 200 million times during the 20th Century. The Jew has attempted to eradicate the best and brightest of us for over 100 years. Reverse the roles, and it sounds just like the eyewitness testimony to the Jewish Holocaust Myth. No Rube Goldberg murder machines, no fields of blood geysers, no gas showers, no gigantic death camps, no survivors demanding billions in reparations.

The Jews are truly God's Chosen, since so many miracles and outright suspensions of Natural Law took place place during their "Holocaust". When the White Race was decimated, a person was shot or starved and they simply died. Their relatives knew that this was a recurring cycle in the war against the Jew, and did not even dream that reparations could be politically agitated for in the future, therefore no claims were ever filed.

The truth is that the European Jews were moved to camps to protect their lives from the vicious onslaught against Germany that Hitler and German intellectuals knew was coming. The "Holocaust" myth is a compendium of propaganda from the World Jewish Congress, the American OSS, the British MI5 and MI6, and the World Zionist Organization.

A well-oiled Zionist killing machine that the people of Occupied Palestine know all too well.

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  1. please, we must be careful not to associate zionism (nwo) exclusively with judaism. There are jews and there are jews, and whats more a zionist may well be jew-ISH (ie rothschilds etc), but can also be, IN NAME ONLY, a christian (ie the anglo-american ruling elite), or even islam-IC (ie the house of saud). There are many jews who fighting the occupation of palestine. And an increasing number of israeli CONSCRIPTS who are risking jail for refusing to serve in the occupied territories. Also there are the tribes (a dozen or so), and over 90 per cent of jews on earth are from one tribe, the khazars, ancestrally known as the ashkenazi. How so many, because this branch (and i think this branch only, i stand if corrected) accepts converts. The rest of judaism goes by inheritance only, and at that though the MATRIARCHIAL line. So it seems to me like zionism has been misappropiated, as in it is the hidden zionists that are throwing this label around (also applies to the label anti-semetic). Not denying that thousands of polish catholic officers were murdered at the hand of some jews! Not denying the holocaust either, although the numbers dont add up so may have been exagerated.

    By the way i was raised church of england (anglican) and only recently found out that is is not a protestant church. It came out of the catholic church which LATER adopted a few protestant reforms! So i pray that this does not offend, the hidden zionists at the top of the pyramid of power, to my mind, is the vatican, the UN-holy roman empire, still crusading! Is it just possible that the white pope is a messenger boy for the black pope (aka jesuit general).

    ps i do have faith in spirit, and that of humanity



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