Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

Jimi doing what he always did best: Making a six string guitar scream, wail, cry, moan and then growl like some tamed beast. The man had no equal back then and 40 years later is still the King of Electric blues guitar.


  1. But the MF was a nigger.
    only white can play, fuck those niggers all they did was to fuck up our white music

  2. The freak is holding the guitar upside down and playing left handed - proof that satan controls his soul!

  3. I hope you two are trying to be funny. But just in case you are not...

    those comments are beneath response because you know how ridiculous they are when you break it down.

    I am so far from thinking like these comments I really cannot tell if this is BLACK humor or if you mean it.

    Either way I ain't laughing.

  4. Hey Noor Al Haqiqa Nigger lover, with a name like you have, no wonder you defend niggers SO FUCK OFF.

    white power - niggers and nigger lovers are not welcomed.

    Hendrix - burn in hell, good point anarchore, this nigger is controled by SATAN

  5. All this “Joostock” was a JEW conspiracy to blow up white kids minds.
    The stinking kike Max Yasgur that gave the place
    Promoted by Artie Kornfeld, Fred Weintraub, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld.
    All kikes that pushed acid to manipulate the audience. And then this niger hendrix distroying our national anthem , are you all blind.
    Free concert………. since when are JOOS giving anything for free.

    Wake up, 40 years and u still are the same ignorant’s

  6. All the man said is Hendrix was a great jammer. As a slow-hand guitarist from the past, I can tell you Jimi really was all that.

    Hendrix, yes, played for Jews the same as Hank Williams, Doc Watson and the Beach Boys... right down to EVERYBODY now.

    None of that is Jimi's fault. Americans could not hang onto America and no words can make a tune like that sound good.


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