Friday, August 21, 2009

U.S. woman in IDF shirt yells 'Heil Hitler' at Israeli expat

An Israeli expatriate living in the United States has become a Youtube star, after engaging in an on-the-air shouting match with a woman who yelled "Heil Hitler!" at him at a health care reform meeting in Las Vegas....

The woman, who was wearing an Israel Defense Forces t-shirt, began making crying noises mocking the man and then told him that as an Israeli "you ought to be the most against President Obama".

The unidentified Israeli man was speaking before a camera praising Israel's national health care service and its treatment of soldiers, saying "Israel has the best health care in the world, government health care".
Source: Haaretz

Israel ought to have the best health care in the world, since it's paid for by US taxpayers. We bicker and fight over providing health care to our least fortunate, while sending billions and billions each year to support Israel's national health care plan.

Speaking of health in Israel and Occupied Palestine, here's a little gem from Irish 4 Palestine that was obtained from the JPost.
Despite the Israeli Arab community's lower socioeconomic status and education compared to the Jewish majority, they are significantly less likely than Jews to die of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and infectious diseases, but more likely to die of respiratory disorders, complications of diabetes and external trauma.

That's right, EXTERNAL TRAUMA... That's American made bombs, missiles, shells and cannon fire causing that external trauma.

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  1. She should have just kept her mouth shut in my humble opinion. She does no one any favours with her behaviour.

    He might have been making a few good points even though, were he black or Arab, his treatment might have been less preferential in an Israeli hospital.

    But, she was immature from what I saw. We who oppose the Israeli regime are not well served by her behaviour at all.


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