Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Happened to 'Kenny's Sideshow?'

The excellent and very newsworthy blog, 'Kenny's Sideshow' has been removed from the web.

Click on the blog this morning and this is what you'll find:

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

Yes, where is 'Kenny's Sideshow?'

Have the Zio-censors decided behind closed doors that Kenny's was too informative, too timely and above all, actually made people think?

Shudder, we can't have that, now can we?

Kenny's Sideshow was an excellent source of worthy news and timely articles, along with brief, but very observant comments by the owner.

So what happened to 'Kenny's Sideshow?'


Here's a message received from the author of 'Kenny's Sideshow' this morning:

I didn't really expect this. I did not violate any of the terms of service.

I've contacted google to see if I can get it back. We'll see if they respond.

If not, I'll leave a contact email address later.

Maybe someone has suggestions?

kenny's sideshow

What's happened to 'Kenny's Sidesshow' isn't right. I urge all freedom loving people to contact Blogger and let them know that censorship shouldn't exist in a free society and to return 'Kenny's Sideshow' to the web.

After all, your blog could be next.


  1. I didn't really expect this. I did not violate any of the terms of service.

    I've contacted google to see if I can get it back. We'll see if they respond.

    If not, I'll leave a contact email address later.

    Maybe someone has suggestions?

    kenny's sideshow

  2. There are other, much more inflammatory blogs on the web, like Incogman that are still up, so whatever happend to yours is a mystery.

    Others that are informative, yet funny, like Liberal White Boy, have a Google block on them, but you can access it by clicking on a link that says you're OK with the contents of the blog.

    What was done to yours is not right and smacks of censorship.

  3. You Paranoid Morons, you take yourself too serious, don't you see you are a laugh I am amused to read how stupid infantile and low you OLD guys can get and how fucked up your minds can be.

  4. I am also wondering why Kenny would be pulled but blogs like Incog Man, which is so blatantly obnoxious it's suspect, remain. I think Kenny is too reasonable for his own good, if he were an in your face, ignorant racist he could rant to his hearts content, but thinking, rational people get the boot. I guess the "tribe" is getting paranoid eh? And they should be. They are making the same idiot moves they always have, that "fuck you slave" mentality that has gotten them kicked off of every country's doorstep they ever darkened. You're doing something right my friend, maybe try Word Press? I hope to see you back, I count on you for my daily fix! Don't give up. Thanks for posting this Greg, I'm taking it to Myspace.

  5. Thanks for the help Saladin.

    Yes, Incogman is so far out there it makes me wonder why it hasn't gotten the boot.

    Especially the comments, by people like 'Nigger Head Smasher' and 'Kike Killer.'

    They advocate alll sorts of violence, but the blog never gets tagged.

    Makes one wonder.

  6. Wordpress has their own inexplicable policies, and have shut down some blogs I felt deserved better. Aside from the Web 2.0 more-than-mere-blog sites, there exists a large number of free community services such as MyOpera. If I really had a problem with this, I'd pick some free site service, tolerate their junk ads, and simply hand-code a blog with static HTML. I also rent webspace pretty cheaply from a friend who leases the entire server. There are also free/cheap accounts scattered across the Net called Unix Shell Accounts. I can explain how to use them from a Windows box, and most allow you to run a website. What makes it work well is insuring friends link to your new digs.

    In other words, it may take more work, but if you really feel it's worth it, the options do exist. I'm not a webmaster by any means, but I can get things done, and share what I know. I'm not a faithful reader, but I do pass by this and Kenny's blog from other places who find your stuff useful.

  7. You can be sure anything that is inflammatory,aimed at getting people riled up against each other(divide and conquer),will remain up.Anything that get's at the truth and is informative has got to go!

  8. This is all about censorship. After all, censorship is becoming America's favorite past-time. The US gov't (and their corporate friends), already place protesters in fenced-in cages, ban books like America Deceived (book) from Wikipedia, Amazon and Facebook, and shut down Ron Paul. Free Speech forever, even for Kenny.

  9. Wordpress Sucks.

  10. Just get your own domain name. For example, kennysideshow (dot) com appears to be available at this time. Then you can move your blog to another server any time you want without orphaning the links to it. The only thing that changes is the IP address, but the authoritative name server for your domain can be updated to point to the new IP.

  11. Thats what I was going to say. People have to stop using these mass-processed blog farms. Who do you think owns these sites? THE SAME PEOPLE WE'RE ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT.

    Find a domain name and an affordable host and you're off and going

  12. It's just proof that you have been successful. This blog is an institution on the internet and a valuable source for information usually gone missing.

    I expect to see you back shortly. You have my sympathies in your time of trail. They are after me all the time too but have not taken me down yet.

  13. Best thing to do is what others I know have started. Because of increased censorship on the web, people are starting up BBS's again which can be easily accessed through a telnet client. Hell, dial-up BBS's are resurging suprisingly

  14. A durable public presence on the Internet is possible if you understand a few technical details.

    The Internet (notice the capital I) is a set of protocols which makes it possible for various private networks to interoperate transparently as one "virtual" network. This set of communally-developed protocols won out over various proprietary protocols precisely because it is open to all, and not proprietary. This makes the Internet our common heritage. It is the triumph of "software communalism" over "intellectual property".

    Part of this set is the Domain Name System, which is administered separate from any site on the Net which uses a name.
    When someone accesses a site by name, his browser or other application first consults a name server to get its IP address. In a separate step, it then accesses that IP address to get the site's service (web page, email, phone, etc.).

    This decouples the name from the site. You can register a name for your exclusive use independent of any site which hosts your blog or other service. (and implicitly any sebdomains such as is already registered by the owners of Blogger. If Kenny registers, say, for his exclusive use, and initially had pointed it to, then, when Blogger cut him off, he could simply upload his (hopefully locally saved) blog to another site and repoint his name to the new site's name or IP.

  15. The day before kenny's was removed, someone congratulated the blog on revealing the truth and then asked for contact so they could give the man behind the blog the money to continue. I thought this was suspect. I am upset about losing this blog. I hope the blog retained the email addresses for RSS feed: could pass on to another blog and kenny contribute and in the meantime start a website.

  16. Two things are possible:

    (1) go 'freenet' - the encrypted, distributed 'alternative net'. This suffers from a lack of 'audience' currently, and a requirement for bandwidth contribution to make it work.

    (2) set up a self-install of blog software on a privately hosted site: for example, with my hosting plan I have unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth - nothing prevents me from installing a thousand separate WordPress installations (one for each 'rogue element'.

    So if Kenny's Sideshow wants to piuggy-back, he is more than welcome. I have been thinking of doing such a thing for some time, but it now seems that events are proceeding fast enough for action to be warranted.

    I shifted my blog from Blogger (after 5 uneventful years) for two reasons - first, it became clear that a self-hosted Wordpress installation gave me better tools, andsecond because it was becoming clear that Google was becoming evil.

    See Burnin' Down the House - in which I made clear that I was leaving because:

    first, Blogger's servers are somewhat kludgy and the Blogger editor is crap; second, Google (who own Blogger) is too ready to abrogate its "Do No Evil" motto in its bid to get money out of repressive governments (like 'Israel', the US and China); and third, self-hosted WordPress installations offer a much more robust mechanism for excluding unwanted visitors (e.g., French child-molesters who keep trying to hack this blog, but are easy to exclude from a hosted site).

    AS someone who routinely calls for the killing of political parasites and their goon-drones (in posts on my own site and in comments all over the internets tubes), and as an avowed supporter of Jim Bell's "Assassination Politics", I had thought it sensible to move before Google turned its lidded gaze my way (in late 2008 I was the victim of an allegation of "holocaust denial" last time I was in France... as a result of a post on the Blogger blog. I spent two weeks in a French concentration camp and was the sent back to Australia - I am permitted to return).

    Anyway... I hereby issue an open invite to any and all who want to participate in a set of blogs with a guarantee of zero censorship.


    GT's Market Rant

  17. Don't keep your eggs in one basket ... such valuable information lost. Guys, you can shift from platform to platform but new thinking is needed. This is the French revolution again. Information needs to be made tangible. As a reader of your blogs I need the option to "download" your information. If Kenny's Sideshow had some way of downloading his information I would have, and so would others. As of now, expecting more blogs to be removed I am manually downloading websites to ensure I have a copy of the information, it's time consuming. Why do I not have "Kenny's handbook"?

  18. I am the one mentioned as potential donor to Kenny's time and energy. I use my real name in my email. I guess I will forever be 'considered' suspect for offering to be a benefactor for someone that puts out the truth by those suspicious minds? Any one can contact me at the email I posted for further discussion. Being that Kenny's is currently residing in censorship Hell:

    I reside in Gainesville FL.

  19. The One World Government of the New World Orger will take down those who go over the line against them. Years ago, I remember viewing a site about Quayle and Bush that laid out some pretty heavy stuff with documentation and references; quickly my computer was shut down; went back on another computer later; the site was totally gone.

    Looks like the One World Government of the New World Order will use the new mandatory Swine Flu vaccine as the next False Flag 911 attack on us to take away our civil liberties.

    We need to have a debate in this country if we want to give up our Constitution and move into a One World Government that seeks to close down our churches and Temples.

    This is really a spiritual battle; we must as individuals repent and turn away from satan's ways in order for our prayers to be answered that Christ will preserve our freedoms. There is no other way.

  20. To whoever posted this:

    "You Paranoid Morons, you take yourself too serious, don't you see you are a laugh I am amused to read how stupid infantile and low you OLD guys can get and how fucked up your minds can be."

    Congratulations, you are the perfect "modelled" citizen.

  21. Guess your brains are so fucked up you can not see the total picture.
    Keep asking yourself questions, in a Paranoia mind, there are no answers to your questions.

    So u are doomed, funny and keep on the amusment.

  22. Copy past articles that are really good into note or word pad or convert the page into pdf. I found some cool pictures and paintings at Kenny's and some good articles from time to time. I knew something was up when it was as hard to find as the startpage search engine.

  23. Kenny received a request for his contact for donation, and next day blog down. It was from denny in this blog who responded with 'suspicious minds.' Denny, that's what this is all about. There's a Denny Cautrell who wrote a comment 2009 about his nephew just returned from 12 years military service in Iraq.
    same one?

  24. I find it strange that Kenny’s blog was closed, while Incogmans blog is still up; I find his blog much more extreme and the comment expressions are beyond every day conversations………..
    I always suspected him as one of those Sayanim, he hosts Jews (some nut lady) on a regular basis and his motives are not clear, I think we should consider asking ourselves questions about him.
    I have seen that Greg has some thoughts about it too.

  25. I want to personally thank everyone for their comments (well, except for one anon that likes to troll here) and support.

    My little rambling blog didn't mean much in the big picture, some of you here are extremely more influential and articulate, but I certainly appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    As an aside, I had put together a youtube playlist this past week about the ADL and posted it. It seems that the account there that the videos came from has been suspended.
    I guess that when you mess with the 'big boys' things can happen.

    I too looked at the Denny Cautrell comment the other day with suspicion but there's not much point in speculating. Maybe I will email him?

    Visible, you said "This blog is an institution." Didn't you mean 'should be institutionalized?' :)

    Saladin and Greg, you are both good friends.

    Thanks again to everybody for their concern and suggestions.


  26. Some of Kenny's work can be found at

    and at

  27. Rocker is a lot of laughs in the above links. He is a very good friend.

    For whatever reason that I have no idea of, a site called mippin had my last 20 posts, although they are not all entirely complete.

    Those posts were certainly not very inflammatory and in my opinion not all that good.

    I've been repeating myself and having a hard time coming up with anything new to post. Not a very good reason to censor someone.

    I'm going through all of the google channels that I can find to get the blog restored. It seems that a great number of people have been deleted lately so it could be a glitch and much ado about nothing.

  28. are you guys aware that Kenny's Sideshow is back up? Anyone told Kenny yet?

  29. Well, the blog is back up...

    I certainly appreciate the outpouring of concern and support. I guess we'll never know why it was classified by blogger/google as removed.

    My take is that it was either to make us all look like fools or the posts at Goon Squad and wrh had an effect to get it reinstated or it really was a google glitch and they fixed it after my requests for a review.

    Whatever the reason, it still put into focus the fact that I am running out of things to say. I'm repeating myself. It's the same over and over. We seem to be preaching to the choir, to use an old cliche.

    Information is important but action speaks louder than words.

    That action is in short supply and as always....I am open for suggestions.

  30. Why do comments mention websites that have nothing to do with Kenny's Sideshow. Are they telling us to go there to check it out? Why are they asking for website strategy? Now asking for action strategy? Do you think people with intellect want to use their fists? Well, they don't. Some comments have been edited out of the original post. What has really happened to Kenny?

  31. "I am running out of things to say. I'm repeating myself. It's the same over and over. We seem to be preaching to the choir, to use an old cliche."

    Well good morning...........
    Don't stop, don't you see if you stop blogging, what will happen to the web advertising industry!!!
    you can't stop, find some stories be part of the industry.......


    Boy, I never realized that I was considered so extreme around parts. Let me make a few statements on my behalf before getting the "disinfo/illuminati agent/sayanim/FBI turncoat, etc etc.

    1) I'm just some guy writing what I think and pasting in articles that interest me, pertaining to the current situation we find ourselves in.
    2) I don't advocate violence or illegal acts (but admit my mind is rife from time to time).
    3) I let as many people comment on my blog as possible.Especially fellow Whites (Apollo got banned because he got on my nerves). I spam the Jews who come on telling me "you're a no good cock..." etc. Mad Jewess and her ilk only serve to illustrate the mind-set of those people.
    4) Yeah, I probably shouldn't let people use violent names when commenting. I might have to reign that in.
    5) When you think about it, where we are being forced into as country, should make it somewhat understandable on why I get a little torqued-up from time to time.

    And finally, I was truly alarmed about Kenny. Now that I see him back up, I happy for him.

    Hey, look, all of us are going down. The sooner you figure that out, the better.

    Any free talk out of Whites will be and has been targeted.

    They can't let us go on much longer. It may be too late for us to have done anything to stop them. 9/11, I would hope, should let you see the depths these people will go in fooling this country.

    Thank you.

    PS: I truly like Greg Bacon's stuff. I sincerely hope that he doesn't think I'm a big fat Jew.

  33. Incogman

    Get the fuck out of here and get back to your rat hole.
    You are NOT WHITE you stinking Kike.

  34. Looks to me that we have ourselves a real Jew who's looking to sow some dissension in the ranks.

    I go where I please, JEW, got that?

  35. Hey, Greg, looks like you got some Jew copying your comment on me here, and pasting it under the name "Boison" over on my blog. Interested?


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