Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are the MOSSAD & CIA close to setting off another 9/11?

9/11, Part II is heading our way

What is one to make of all these planted stories that are being fed into the 'Echo Chamber' of surreality, priming and pimping the world for the next 9/11?
Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for 'Next 9/11' - Within Weeks

( Jihadists close to al-Qaeda explicitly warned in new communications that Germany will be the target of the next 9/11-scale terrorist attack. The timing of the strike, they say, will be within the next few weeks.

According to analysts with the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR), a recently intercepted jihadist communication declares that "everyone knows" that the "next strike is very near, a strike that will surprise everyone in its effect, which will be much more shocking than that of 9/11/2001." The writer of the chilling message notes that this is the Muslim month of Ramadan and that "we pray that it will indeed be in this month."

After referring to a previous boast by Osama Bin-Laden, that the enemy is afraid and unable to prevent the next attack, the communication says:
"And the Germans, grandchildren of the Nazis, know more than everyone else that they will be the first ones to taste [the nightmare]. It is just a matter of time - that is, days or weeks - and God willing you'll see things that you've never heard of before."
Netanyahu disappears for day on classified 'military tour'
What did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do for close to 12 hours yesterday in a sensitive security compound somewhere in Israel?

Only a handful of privileged individuals, a select group even within Netanyahu's office, know.
Probably giving a pep talk to the Israeli trained and groomed suicide commandos that are going to launch the next attack.

Is another 9/11 set to unfold?
The man who predicted 9/11 is worried that its sequel is imminent.

"Muslims that I talk to say things like, 'America thinks they're safe now. They've forgotten about 9/11. But watch, Daniel. Stay near your TV. It's going to be bigger than 9/11,' " he said.

Daniel J. Hill said the next terrorist attack will involve suitcase nuclear bombs that will be detonated in small, low-flying two-seater private airplanes manned by men hanging onto the belief that, like the 9/11 hijackers, they are about to die as martyrs and enter paradise.

He is not alone in suggesting such a scenario. A 2007 book, "The Day of Islam," spells out the details, as do any number of Internet sites about a plot called "American Hiroshima."

The nukes, he said, will be detonated over New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
How many radioactive hotspots are there in and around Israeli embassies and Holocaust™ museums in the USA? There are Holocaust™ museums located in each of the listed cities , except Las Vegas.

Detonate a nuke in any of those cities and we'd have a real holocaust.... and the B-2 bombers would be headed to Tehran before the dust settled.

As for the "Institute of Terrorism Research and Response," good luck finding anything out about them, other than the world's two leading terrorist states, the USA and Israel, are behind this 'spook' outfit.

As for the Zionist stooge Paul Williams, who wrote the "Day of Islam," he's already been outed as a liar.
Williams is currently being sued by McMaster University for upwards of $2-Million, as a result of his claims that Islamic terrorists managed to steal 180lbs of unspecified nuclear material from the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. The University has extracted an apology from the publisher of Dunces of Doomsday, WND Books/Cumberland House Publishing, who now say that statements made in Williams' book about the theft are "without basis in fact." Williams himself is standing behind his claims.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which regulates all radioactive material in Canada, have released a letter stating that "We can confirm that there has never been a report of any nuclear material that has been lost or stolen from McMaster's reactor.
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