Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Comrade, more glorious Holocaust™ movies on the way!

Here a Holocaust™, there a Holocaust™, everywhere a Holocaust™.... movie

Holocaust films keep coming, despite prediction of their demise

* A slyer and less bloody satirical fantasy about turning the tables comes from Germany in Dani Levy’s “My Fuhrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler.” With the Third Reich crumbling, Hitler’s henchmen figure that only a fiery speech by the Fuhrer on New Year’s Day 1945 can rouse the German masses and turn the tide. But Hitler is in a funk, locked in his room, and only the great acting coach Adolf Grunbaum, currently in a concentration camp, can restore the dictator to his old form -- and in the process extract his own form of revenge. The German import, previously seen in this country at a number of Jewish film festivals, is opening its first American theatrical run in various cities.

* Due in the fall is “Four Seasons Lodge,” a feature documentary about a community of Holocaust survivors who come together in New York’s Catskill Mountains every summer to celebrate their lives.

* In "Tickling Leo," three generations of a Jewish family, with roots in Hungary and branches in New York and Israel, try to connect its members to each other. The key to their reconciliation involves the still controversial World War II "Rudolph Kastner Affair" in which a Jewish leader bargained with Adolf Eichmann, the "architect of the Holocaust," for the lives of 1,000 community leaders in return for money and supplies for the Nazi war machine.

* “Being Jewish in France” details the love-hate relationship between the French and their Jewish compatriots from the anti-Semitic Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s to the present. Excellent archival footage strengthens the focus on the World War II era, when the Vichy government and the French police did much of the dirty work for the German occupiers. The three-hour documentary is now on the film festival circuit but is worthy of wider theatrical distribution.

* Denmark, which saved nearly all of its 7,500 Jews, contributes “Flame & Citron,” based on the true story of two legendary Danish resistance fighters who sabotaged the Nazi occupiers and assassinated their local collaborators. The film was released last month.

* Waiting in the wings are two completed independent films on little-known aspects of the war.

Karin Albou’s “Wedding Song” follows the story of two 16-year-old Tunisian girls, one Muslim and the other Jewish, whose lifelong friendship is tested by the six-month Nazi occupation of their country. “About Face” is a well-researched documentary by Steve Karras about young Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria who fought their one-time tormentors by joining the U.S. Army and an elite British commando unit.

I'd like to see Hollywood make a movie about the most sadistic and the greatest mass murderer of the 20th Century, the Russian Jew Genrikh Yagoda.

Or one that showed the Jewish Bolshevik led NKVD butchering Russian peasants.

Those are historical dramas I'd pay to see.


  1. Greg, I LOVE HOLOCAUST MOVIES! It's not like I go and see them, or even read the reviews. BUT, overkill is a very good thing at this time!

    Let's face it, overkill has a way of numbing people to whatever is being overkilled.

    It is like shouting a lie a million times, louder and louder, trying to convince someone that the sky is yellow and the sun is purple. No matter how much you yell, the truth is the truth and even people with sunglasses on that show them the sky is yellow and the sun is purple eventually see reality.

  2. They do seem to be overplaying the Holocaust™ movie theme.

    That could backfire on the Chosen Ones, not that they'd ever admit it.


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