Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daylight Robbery Nets Wall Street Gangsters Trillions, FBI Clueless; Taxpayers to get the bill

This is a real 'two-fer.' Not only will the Wall Street firms that stole trillions from 401K pension funds and retirement accounts not be investigated, let alone charged with crimes, they'll default on the money given, oops, I meant 'loaned' to them by the US Treasury Department.

Here's where it gets really good. OUR money that was given to these thieves was 'loaned' to the USA by the international financial cartel of private banking families, AKA as the Federal Reserve, which has refused to say where all that money went, who got it and what they're doing with OUR money.

It's OUR money that we pay a costly price to borrow and we'll be paying interest on that stolen money for decades to come.... and paying back the money that was given, oops, 'loaned' to the bankster elite.

The TARP money that was supposed to buy up toxic assets instead went into the banker's pockets to pay for generous bonuses and custom made jets. Some MADOFF to a certain SLC and some was deposited in offshore banking havens.
Looks like some of the same financial 'sharpies' that looted Russia, the oligarchs, have now set up shop in New York.

So where in the hell is all that toxic slop we were told would wreck the system if not absorbed by the TARP funds?

Some U.S. Bailout Funds Won't Be Recovered
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. taxpayers will probably never recover all of the hundreds of billions of dollars invested to bail out financial firms, automakers and homeowners, a key watchdog for the program said on Thursday.

The program, approved by Congress in early October 2008, was originally intended to buy up the toxic assets weighing down bank balance sheets, but within two weeks idea was quickly dropped in favor of direct capital injections into banks as the financial crisis reached its peak.

Barofsky, who took office in December 2008, said the Treasury has improved its transparency in administering the program, but has repeatedly failed to implement his recommendations to increase disclosures, including detailed reports on what banks are doing with taxpayer funds.
These thugs are no different from some low-life thief breaking into your house to steal your items of value--if anyone has anything left worth stealing--and should be treated the same way that a well armed homeowner would treat a robber breaking into his home.

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