Monday, September 7, 2009

DC's Rock Creek Park: Dumping ground for Assassins?

Rock Creek Park seems to be a favorite spot for a certain group of assassins. Chandra Levy was also found there dead in May 2002. Her death in the Summer of 2001 gave the MSM vultures non-stop entertainment leading up to 9/11.

And close by was another murder, that of 28 yo Joyce Chiang, congressional aide to Rep. Howard Berman.

Chiang was murdered in January 1999 in another DC park, then had her body tossed in the Potomac River.

Now we have the curious case of Larry Frankel, who decided to go 'swimming' while having a medical emergency.
ACLU figure Larry Frankel found dead in Washington creek
On Friday, Frankel, who took a position last year as state legislative counsel for the ACLU's Washington office, was found dead in the stream that gives Washington's Rock Creek Park its name.

"We were told there were no signs of trauma or injury that would be consistent with a crime or a fall," Chirls said. "What they found was consistent with death from natural causes while out running."

The D.C. Medical Examiner's Office declined to comment.

Chirls said that Frankel was found 20 feet from a running trail in jogging clothes and - without offering specifics - that he had been experiencing medical symptoms the previous morning that were consistent with the preliminary finding.

So far, though, there is no indication as to how Frankel ended up in the water, Chirls said.
Yes, jumping into a creek is the first thing that someone who is experiencing 'medical' problems does. No need to call for help or dial 911, just jump into a creek.

So remember that if you ever experience chest pains; Don't call 9/11 or ask for help, just jump into the nearest body of water!

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