Friday, September 18, 2009

Goldman sacks... and loots... and plunders... and pillages

Michael Moore: Investigate Goldman Sachs Government Takeover

Q. What's the difference between the Goldman Sacks of today and Viking raiders of the 11th Century?

A. The Vikings left their victims with their homes and enough food to live.

The investigation Mr. Moore needs to look into is not the government takeover of GS, but the GS takeover of the government.


  1. watched a video about the 9/11 attacks , by economists under the banner of Hawk's Cafe. They made a fairly good case for KPMG masterminding the whole shebang, incl. all the money transfers etc etc.

    It cited all the different agencies of Justice, Defence, BBC, businesses that it audited for worldwide.

    The Vikings Pillage but Goldman Sacks


  2. They probably had a hand in moving around massive amounts of cash to finance 9/11.

  3. Having been to Flint and after seeing 'Roger and Me,' I thought that Moore might be on to something. He was. Lots of truth and lots of omissions.

    'Fahrenheit 9/11' left out so much that I've never watched another of his films.

    I think you are saying here that Moore again only gives us a skewed version of events so no need to watch this one either.

  4. It might be worth watching, as even the most skilfull propaganda can leak out bits of useful truth.

    It wasn't until I watched 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and started poking around that I found out that Rahm Emanuel's brother, Ari, was the chief financial backer of that project.

    Small world, isn't it?


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