Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Make $100,000 dollars a month from the comfort of home!"

Do you dream of living large, with a virtually unlimited supply of easy money at your disposal? If so, your search is finally over!! Say goodbye to endless days of drudgery for pennies when you can start raking in $100,000 dollars a month or more using our easy "al Qaeda™" franchise system.

Just contact one of our customer service reps at the CIA or MOSSAD, using our 1-800 number. From there, Easy Street is only days away. There's no heavy lifting or strenuous work involved, as our CIA and MOSSAD special ops personnel will do the work for you! We'll supply the high explosives, the vehicles to be used and will even drive them into place, all you have to do after hearing that a truck bomb exploded in a crowded market place or mosque is to call one of our associates at the CNN or FOX News bureau in your area and claim responsibility for the attack.

Our top earning associates can claim a bonus by sending in a video recording that shows you wearing a balaclava and dark eyeglasses, standing in front of the camera with an AK47 and shouting "Death to America, Death to Israel" as you state that your al Qaeda™ (insert location) group was responsible for that vehicle bomb and hinting at more death and destruction!

Our #1 associate, who raked in mega-bucks and is now enjoying his retirement!

No downsides to the cash either as it will be unmarked bills that were harvested from Wall Street pension funds and 401k retirement accounts. No way anyone can trace the origins, as they are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out where the money went!

What can you lose, as we supply the explosives, set them into place and detonate them while you wait at home for our signal!

Here's what our second top-earning associate, A. Gadahn, from California has to say:
"Man, this is a no-brainer. Since I got my own "al Qaeda™" franchise, I've been living like a king. Days are spent on Tel Aviv beaches and nights, I use to carouse and club hop where I'm treated to the finest Israeli made Ecstasy with my choice of the finest looking call girls from around the world. And if you're a 'Chosen One' like me, they'll agree to double or triple your monthly stipend!"
Don't hesitate, call today!!

"al Qaeda™" is a subsidiary of the CIA, which is in a LLP with the MOSSAD, which is wholly owned by Khazar Industries, which is part the Pentagon-Wall Street Group, which is part of ZIOCON Inc.

Don't wait, call us NOW at 1 (800) 666-1984


  1. COOL!! Count me in! I'll even wear my Kafiya so I can blame it on the Palestinian Branch of Al-CIA-da. Think they might give me a bonus?

  2. Yep, that ought to get a bonus, with a personel "Thank You" note from 'Bibi'.

  3. It is 5 am. I need to sleep. Thanks for the drift off to dreamland giggle.

    Absolutely wickedly funny. I had been noticing these ads, too. Now there is another making the rounds about getting a big fat cheque from the Canadian government. Got any info on that one yet?

  4. Now there is another making the rounds about getting a big fat cheque from the Canadian government. Got any info on that one yet?

    Haven't seen those ads. Got a link?


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