Friday, September 4, 2009

"US Knessset Members Visit Apartheid Israel"

What do the following US Congress members have in common? They have foresworn allegiance to the USA and now serve Israel.

Some of the US Representatives who visited the world's leading terrorist state in August '09 were:

Steny Hoyer, Frank Kratovil, Glen Thompson, Aaron Schock, Steve Austria, Eric Cantor, Jason Chavetz, 'Mikey' Coffman, Louie Gohmert, Greg Harper, Jim Jordan, Leonard Lance, Bob Latta, Chris Lee, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Tom McClintock, Pete Olson, Tom Price, Phil Roe, Tom Rooney, Steve Scalise, Shelby Moore, Rob Wittman and Michele Bachmann.

They all visited Apartheid Israel during the August break. Israel, the home of easy sex, illegal drugs and hidden cameras.

The 'official' reason was to "Attended meetings and tours to learn more about the U.S.-Israel relationship."

Right. The majority of these quislings were Republicans, getting 'advice' on how to serve their Masters, get reelected in 2010 and bring back suitcases loaded with loot that had MADOFF from Wall Street to Israel. And how they will pay back Israel after the Republicans take back control of the House in 2010.


Rep. Eric Cantor, (R) Virginia, rumored to be the next Speaker of the House, had the largest payoff with a bill of over $30,000.00 dollars being paid for by an arm of AIPAC for an eight day trip.

Bet Cantor was treated like a king by his Shin Bet 'honeypot' guide!

For a list of another 20 Congressional traitors that ducked over to Israel for a 'quickie' the last week of June, click here

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