Friday, September 11, 2009

Why I Believe the 9/11 Commission!

Of course, I believe the '9/11 Commission' report!! Everyone knows that our government wouldn't lie to us to protect their own asses.

Why just listening to Condi Rice alone testify to the Commission should erase down any doubts!!

I know for sure that the senior execs at the FAA, CIA, the NSA and the Pentagon's Chief of Staff, General Richard Myers were just a bunch of bumbling, clueless bureaucrats who couldn't figure out how to bypass the North American Air Defense (NORAD) that is charged with tracking and if necessary, shooting down hijacked planes (the same bunch that was able to get an F-16 into the air to check within 16 minutes of the FAA losing contact with golfer Payne Stewart's private jet in 1999) but that 19 Ayyyrabs, being directed by an ailing Muslim in a cave 12,000 miles away, could!!

And even though my inner firefighter tells me different, I believe that all those tons of titanium engine metal, which is virtually indestructible and melts at around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, didn't survive the WTC attacks but two paper passports, courtesy of those behind the attacks, did survive a crash, explosion, massive fireball and falling down nearly 900 feet with thousands of tons of rubble to be found by smart FBI agents!!!

I also know that President Bush and VP Cheney wouldn't lie about 9/11, even though they told thousands of lies in its aftermath to get us pumped up to invade Iraq.

Yes, I believe all of that and for me being a 'Good Doo-bee,' Santa Claus is going to fill my stocking this Christmas!!

Now it's time to vent our wrath on another Muslim country, Iran, to make Israel happy!!!


  1. I think American people really love the 9/11 commission and specially the way they have described the demolition process to us it sounds so damn tasty, something we all can relate to - specially processed food with unknown chemicals. Can you blame 'em? Who doesn't love pancakes??!!

    This pancake recipe originated in a shitty little country, located in the M.E. called israhell. They actually send out the syrup recipe long time ago - june 8, 1967.

  2. Weren't the original pancakes made at the King David Hotel by a cook named Susannah?


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