Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 Dwarfs do Metallica and a Gathering of War Criminals and 9/11 Architects

The BEAST endures the awful 'Get Motivated" seminar in Buffalo, NY. Speakers included Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Montana and Colin Powell. In between the big names and God-talk, ass-hats tried to sell the crowd a $3,200 investment software package -- you know, to get motivated!

Motivation from an architect of 9/11.... and 'motivation' from a war criminal since the days of his helping to cover up the Vietnam 'My Lai' massacre, then used his powers of persuasion to sell us a pack of lies about Iraq, plus a 'daddy's boy' whose claim to fame is that he was born to rich parents.

Anymore 'motivation' and I'll hurl.


  1. Joe Montana is such a hero...and one of the best American names ever.

    I'm sure glad he chose to sign up with the other motivators. This certainly verified his significance as a person.

    Aren't the motivators just as responsible as the ones who carry out the plans?

  2. Is Joe Montana related to "Tony Montana?"


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