Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Israeli False-Flag Against America

Israeli counter-intelligence services targets the CIA in Gaza October 15, 2003
Three American Diplomats Were Killed

Gaza bomb struck with massive force
A witness at the scene said the explosion struck the third vehicle in the four-car convoy.

The convoy of American diplomatic vehicles had just driven a short way into the Gaza Strip when the explosion struck with deadly force.

An apparent roadside bomb exploded next to a convoy of U.S. diplomatic and CIA vehicles in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and Israel Radio said at least four people were killed.


This Happens In Front of An IDF Gun Tower
The remote-control roadside bomb went off near Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday October 15th, 2003, a U.S. Embassy three-car convoy had just cleared a checkpoint and entered Gaza when an explosive device tore apart the second armored vehicle.

Think of the logistics

You had to dig a hole in the road in front of an IDF outpost, plant a bomb, and conceal it. Next, you have to know this convoy is coming down this particular road - then you have to nail the car with the CIA operatives

The logistics of this are impossible. You need to know the CIA are in Gaza, the route, the time, the particular vehicle, and the Palestinians wouldn't have access to that information.

The Mossad dug up the road, planted a massive bomb, and used a proximity fuse. This was a carbon copy of the Lebanon Hariri assassination. After this incident, Bush closed his eyes to Sharon's slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilian Palestinians.

Just one more example of the USA's only 'friend' in the ME murdering some of our citizens, then blaming that atrocity on others, Palestinians. This October 2003 'false-flag' allowed then Israeli PM Sharon, the 'Butcher of Sabra and Satilla' to go on another blood soaked orgy of violence against Gazans and allowed West Bank Hasidic Jews to steal more land.

From the savage attack on the USS Liberty, to the 1983 bombing of the Marines barracks in Lebanon, to the savage attack on the USS Cole to 9/11, there is a common factor and that is Israel.

What kind of friend routinely kills Americans, gets caught spying and stealing our military secrets on a regular basis and had its agents loot trillions out of our 401K accounts and pension funds?


  1. Friend?

    I have read in many places that Israel spends more $$ on spying on America than all others.

    They get away with it. Remember in the beginning, they bombed the King David Hotel, killing many Brits. For awhile the papers raged, published cartoons, damning the Israelis for this horrendous action.

    Then some Jew must have taken over the media there, because all such condemnation ended and Israel was once again a fledgling nation to be cosseted whilst it continued its terrorism wherever its tentacles reached.

    They did not invent the word chutzpah for nothing. Meanwhile, Christian Zionists and the religious left still think Israeli murder is "God's way". Until American eyes are opened, and slowly but surely they are, thanks to Kissinger and the swine flu situation, things will not change.

    We "flakey conspiracy theorists" are gaining some credibility of late. Our contribution by going viral can help, Greg.

  2. I have read in many places that Israel spends more $$ on spying on America than all others.

    Why not, since the quislings and traitors in the US Congress fund all of Israel's back-stabbing activities.

  3. What a bunch of evil scumbags...wouldn't you say it's about time to cut these freaks off at the financial spigot? Why legislate things like the Symington Act, if we're not gonna use them for the betterment of WE THE PEOPLE?

    Oh...sorry. Forgot that we were talking about America's "pal". Like that "pal" who bangs your wife while you're at work, then spends your vacation money getting her strung out so he can bang her some more...that's our "buddy".

  4. Don't you think it strange that it has taken this long to reach the Western media?


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