Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nazi Germany Then And Israel Today

A comparison of crimes committed in 1940s Germany equal to what is happening in every day Israel at this moment against Palestinians and all Americans finance these crimes.
Music by Mana' "Cuando Los Angeles Lloran" "When The Angels Cry".

"JA, VE are Israel and VE are G-d's Chosen, JA. The G-d we created chose US and not you pathetic beings to rule the Earth, JA."

"VE VILL do VHAT VE want, VHEN VE want to whoever VE VHANT and you, you will stay on your knees and give thanks you are still alive, GOY, JA!"

"You Americans better stop bitching about Gaza or VE VILL get our MOSSAD agents to fly some more airliners into skyscrapers, JA!!"

1 comment:

  1. I volunteer to represent the U.S. of A in a simple message to the scumbags:

    ""Suck my cock".


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