Monday, October 19, 2009

Netanyahu to Obama: "Fuck Off": MSM takes Obama to task for upsetting Isareli PM

Max Blumenthal's Latest Report from the Occupied Territories, as Israelis Continue to Expand by Stealing Peoples' Lands and LIVES

What Max Blumenthal's video here demonstrates is that the Israeli Defense Forces in the areas of Palestine's West Bank, where Israeli settlements continue to expand unabated during the first four months of the Obama administration, are materially assisting the expansion activities and all their violence. All this is in contravention of International Law, U.N. Resolutions, Israeli Supreme Court rulings, and what Obama is claiming to be the current U.S. policy.

When Kim Jung Il says "Fuck you!" to Obama, the U.S. press jumps on Obama, right and left to be more decisive.

When Bibi Netanyahu says "Fuck You!" to Obama, the U.S. press either keeps quiet, or chastises our president for upsetting the Israeli Prime Minister.

Here's some of Max's article about what's going on over there while he's reporting:

Violence erupted in the Palestinian town of Safa today as fanatical masked settlers from the Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin set upon a group of activists from the peace group Ta’ayush, destroying their cameras and badly vandalizing one of their cars. According to Ta’ayush member Joseph Dana, the Israeli army scrambled to the scene with a “closed military zone order,” allowing the masked settlers to remain while ordering the activists to leave under threat of arrest. When the activists failed to leave rapidly enough, the soldiers also turned violent, forcing several of them into a jeep and hauling them away to prison. The army’s action directly contravened an Israeli Supreme Court decision ruling the army could not used closed military zones to prevent Palestinian farmers from working their land. The West Bank is a legal gray zone where even high court rulings are voided by the violent whims of soldiers and settlers.

Philip Weiss' blog, Mondoweiss, is running an article today about some perceptions that Obama is accomodating the Palestinians. But one of the commenters there noted that:

1. Obama promised to deliver an "undivided" Jerusalem to Israel after receiving the Democratic nomination;
2. Obama's Federal Election Commission has not investigated bribery allegations by AIPAC backer Haim Saban over the Hillary Clinton super delegate scandal;
3. Obama's Treasury is AIPAC hand picked. Stuart Levey has remained in place to launch financial blockades against Israel's foes, in the US and abroad, while keeping illegal settlement financial flows from the US "off the table."
4. Obama's Justice Department dropped the Rosen and Weissman prosecution despite an abundance of damning evidence, alleged spy Ben-Ami Kadish was let off with a $50,000 fine for billions in damages rendered to the US.
5. Obama has refused to obey the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the Arms Export Control Act, and refuses to admit to the American people what the world knows: Israel possesses an illicit nuclear arsenal.

Another commenter added:

When the two top officials of Aipac who were caught red handed passing U.S. classified intelligence off to Israel and the 9 time delayed trial was dismissed....that confirmed once again the power and influence of Aipac. When Rosen led the drive to take out Charles Freeman while being under indictment for his alleged crimes. That is power and influence. When Jane Harman's 'waddling" on over to interfere in the Aipac investigation and trial is dropped that is power and influence.

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