Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Whores for Sale, Cheap, Reliable Whores for Every Need!"

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Return to the Gilded Age

"We got your SEC whores, your FBI Fraud unit whores, those nicely dressed Senate whores--they act high and mighty and dress purty, but they'll drop to their knees in a sec if they hear coins being tossed on the ground!!"

"Ifffen you got some serious coin, we can arrange an all night session in our little bordello with the catchy name of the "White House." For BIG money, you can sleep with the best and get ALL your wishes fulfilled!

"For those folks enjoying a little kink, we've got life-size blowup dolls. We've go the 'Barney,' the 'Chris' and the ever popular 'Nancy P.'

Our Cheap Politicians By ANDREW COCKBURN
Smart investors have certainly had plenty of opportunity to make money lately. Gold is up twenty percent. Oil has doubled. The Dow roars through 10,000. But one investment has far, far, outperformed all others in epic returns: politics.

Wall Street balance sheets make this very clear. Last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, major banks and other financial institutions in receipt of $295 billion in TARP money pumped $114 million into Washington in lobbying and campaign contributions. As a stand-alone figure, $114 million sounds like a lot. Set against the torrent of cash flowing in the opposite direction, it is minimal. At 258,449 percent it has been called “the single best investment in history.” Our elected representatives are giving it away.

No one should be surprised at the bankers’ dominance of Washington. They even boast about it. Hailing a further emasculation of the powers of the proposed Consumer Finance Protection Agency, the American Bankers’ Association recently issued a press release commending lawmakers for removing “the unworkable requirement that communications with consumers be ‘reasonable.’”
How would you like to invest ONE dollar and get a return of $258,449? Lot better than that measly 1/10th of 1% return you receive on your bank savings account, isn't it?

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